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Matt Sweetwood

Matt Sweetwood is known for his innovative and transformative ideas as a marketing, social media and business-development consultant. He has experienced professional and personal success as an award-winning marketer and CMO club member and as president of Unique Photo, through his reinvention of the modern camera superstore. Sweetwood is currently writing his first book, Man Up, and is a regular contributor on national TV and to several publications in the business, social media, marketing. parenting, ethics and politics arenas.

Anti-Semitic Jaume Plensa Sculpture is Removed

It took 5 days from the time my article, “How I Discovered Hate in Plain Sight on a Popular Sculpture” posted until, Jaume Plensa, had his Spillover II sculpture removed for “repair”. I had observed that there was an ethnic slur, “Cheap Jew” in plain sight, made from letters of the sculpture.

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