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Video Highlight Reel  • Matt Sweetwood

01/19/2020 • Life Transformation Radio

01/06/2020 • SHOUTOUT MIAMI

12/26/2020 • Live Your Edge Podcast • How to Successfully Change Careers

12/18/2020 • Reach or Miss Podcast

12/15/2020 • • Insurance Industry Trends

11/16/2020 • • New Concept in Equipment Insurance is the Next Big Thing in Fintech

11/10/2020 • The Conscious PIVOT Podcast • Remaining Tough & Kind Through Adversity

11/04/2020 • Give a Heck Podcast • Lessons from The Leader of the Pack

11/01/2020 • VoiceAmerica The Work Life Balance Podcast w/Rick Morris

10/28/2020 • Ken Walls Amazon Live • Leader of the Pack

10/27/2020 • Breakthrough Walls Podcast • Facebook Live

10/11/2020 • Five Minute Bark Podcast • Finding Success Through Imagination, Perseverance, and Personal Responsibility

09/18/2020 • You Can Overcome Anything Podcast • Successful Single-Dad of 5

09/12/2020 • Transformative Leader Podcast • Self-Leadership from Disaster to Success

09/01/2020 • SME Strategy Podcast • Top Leadership Advice During a Crisis

08/16/2020 • Active CEO Podcast • Reimagining Business

08/06/2020 • The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 275

07/27/2020 • Becoming Your Best Podcast • Lessons Learned

07/21/2020 • School For StartUpsRadio • LUXnow

07/17/2020 • The Business Power Hour Podcast • CEO of LUXnow

06/30/2020 • INFLUENCIVE • LuxNow CEO Shares His Best Advice on Business Reinvention

06/23/2020 • Leadership with Heart Podcast • We All Get Better One Step at a Time

06/22/2020 • 365 Driven Podcast • Personal Responsibility, Leadership and Reinvention

06/16/2020 • BOLD BUSINESS PODCAST • Effective Delivery Model

06/15/2020 • LadyZavoTV • What Makes a Woman Podcast • Personal Branding

06/09/2020 • Red Direction • Designing an Effective Business Model

06/04/2020 • OnFire Ignites / The OnFire B2B Podcast • Pivot into recovery times

06/01/2020 • Dennis Brown Podcast • Why “Reinvention” is the Key to Long Term Growth 

05/28/2020 • Live From My Living Room • hip New Jersey

05/14/2020 • My Quest for the Best Podcast • “Reinvention”

05/05/2020 • Nemo Radio – How To Pivot Your Business + Marketing To The Affluent

04/13/2020 • Tony Durso Show: Journey to Success • Coronavirus & Being a Leader

04/09/2020 • The Rory Sauter Show • Politics, Business, 2nd Amendment, COVID-19

03/30/2020 • Fox News Special Report w/Bret Baier • Coronavirus Q&A

03/30/2020 • Growth to Freedom Podcast w/Dan Kuschell • Leader of the Pack 

03/21/2020 • GRITDAILY • LUXnow is Shaking Up the Luxury Marketplace

03/06/2020 • The Phoenix Project Podcast • Grit, Gratitude, Perseverance

03/06/2020 • Megayacht News Radio • LUXNOW!

02/25/2020 • Entrepreneurs Who Have made It to the Big Time • Richtopia

01/03/2020 • 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020 • SO Influential • Thrive GlobalBusiness Chief Canada • yahoo! lifestyle • yahoo financeBusiness Chief

01/02/2020 • Luxnow Names New CEO • South Florida Business & Wealth

12/19/2019 • 3 iOS App That Will Make a Big Splash in 2020

11/21/2019 • Auto Rental News – LUXnow Names New CEO

11/18/2019 • Miami Herald – Senior-level hires and promotions in Miami

11/08/2019 • TheStreet – Entrepreneurs That Have Made It

11/05/2019 • JumbleTHINK Podcast – Overcoming the Impossible

10/01/2019 • RICHTOPIA: 10 Industry Experts Share How They Use Instagram to Grow Their Business

09/23/2019 • The Anthony Eisenman Show – Growing Outside of Your Comfort Zone

09/09/2019 • systemHUB: 50 Standard Operating Procedures

07/28/2019 • Winner, Cold Call Battles PODCast

06/01/2019 • Forbes: 12 Entrepreneurs Share How Their Favorite Teacher Inspired Their Journey

05/22/2019 • Kivo Daily: Entrepreneurs Share The Quote That Inspired Their Journey

05/13/2019 • Bruce Hurwitz Presents: MEET THE Experts on Business Development and Personal Branding

04/21/2019 • Featured Speaker • 15 Tips To Better Communication in Thrive Global

02/19/2019 Thrive After Divorce Podcast with Lisa Fountain

2/13/2019 • The Naked Truth About Being A Single-Dad with Joie Cheng

1/28/2019 • Men on Purpose Podcast with Emerald GreenForrest

12/27/2018 NJ Jewish Link Business Spotlight • Linkedin Goes Local

12/17/2018 • Reach or Miss: The Customer Focused Podcast

12/04/2018 • C-Suite Executives’ Guide to Success

11/28/2018 • HuffPost: Divorced Men Reveal The Final Straw In Their Marriages

11/27/2018 • Thom Singer Podcast on Leadership and Entrepreneurship

11/08/2018 • The School For Startups Radio Podcast

08/24/2018 • HuffPost: The Words That Ended my Marriage

5/20/2018 Picturing Success With One Of The Photography Industry’s Top Influencers

4/19/2018 The Brains Behind Unique Photo and Author of “Leader of the Pack”

4/7/2018 Hip NJ – Leader of the Pack Book Party in NYC

3/26/2018 Courier / Home News / – Leader of the Pack

3/22/2018 TLBTV: Rick on Life – Leader of the Pack

2/15/2018 Divorce and Your Money Podcast Leader of the Pack”

1/06/2018 The Influencer Inc Podcast Tips On Building A Social Media Based Personal Brand”

08/27/2017 • Influence Summit, 2017 “Who is a real influencer?”

08/14/2017 • Social Media Badass Academy “How to create a successful Personal Brand”

06/07/2017 • BlogTalk Radio “Last First Date”

04/29/2017Warnborough College Ireland “Featured Ph.D. Alumni”

02/08/2017CW6 San Diego “Single Dad Success”

01/24/2017LIKE.FILM “Authenticity rules! Influencer Marketing &”

01/05/2017 • New York Post “Moving to NYC in my 50s was the best decision of my life”

10/22/2016 • The Philadelphia Inquirer “How the beBee social network aims to get you hired”

10/13/2016 • WNPV AM 1440 “What’s the beBee buzz is about?”

09/13/2016 • Divorce and Your Money Show “He spent over $1 million in his divorce”

08/13/2016 • Life & Living with Joanna Gagis “Supports Men Facing Family Challenges”

07/30/2016 • Ask Dr. Tommy Show  “Social Networking, Photography, & Being a Dad”

07/11/2016 •  “Re-Creating Your Life After Divorce. A Dad’s Story”

06/13/2016 • ChrissyB TV Show  “Helping Stressed Out Men and Fathers”

05/23/2016 • 77WABC Radio  “Talking Social Media with Yitzchok Saftlas” (iTunes link)

05/03/2016 • Yahoo Finance  “Members of Congress to Present King David Award”

04/03/2016 • CBS NY TV News  “Finding a Job With Social Media”

03/26/2016 • PIX11 TV News  “Building your social media profiles for potential employers”

03/24/2016 •  “Morristown Resident to Deliver Keynote Address at NYC Career Workshop”

01/18/2016 • Josh Steimle  “2016 Top 100 Most-Followed CMOs on Twitter”

01/17/2016 • Independent Journal  “Dad Shows Up to Daughter’s Birthday Party…”

01/06/2016 • Digital Imaging Reporter  “PMDA’s 2016 Awards Gala Shined the Light on the Imaging Industry”

01/05/2016 • Shorewood NOW  “Artist Jaume Plensa insists on altering Shorewood sculpture”

12/21/2015ChrissyB TV Show  “Give Your Kids a Lovely Christmas”

12/19/2015Fox and Friends Weekend  “Tips and Tricks for Photos this Holiday Season”

12/15/2015 • NBC  “Does photo of car crash reveal an angel next to survivor?”

12/10/2015 • Huffpost Divorce  “14 Things You Can’t Really Know About Marriage Until You’re Divorced”

12/05/2015 •  “Is This an Anti-Semitic Sculpture or a Rorschach Test?”

12/04/2015 • Huffpost Divorce  “11 Things You Can Stop Telling Single Dads Now, Thank You Very Much”

11/23/2015 • Shorewood Ripples  “Sculpture deemed anti-Semitic”

11/13/2015 • WTMJ-TV4 Milwaukee  “Shorewood sculpture removed after complaint of anti-Semitic language”

11/13/2015 • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  “Shorewood sculpture to be changed after anti-Semitism complaint”

10/10/2015 • St. Louis Post-Dispatch  “I debated a pro-gun conservative and it led to an unexpected outcome”

09/27/2015Fox and Friends Weekend  “Puzzling picture: Is the girl in this photo underwater?”

09/24/2015 • Social Media Today: CMO of the Week: Personal Branding & the Perfect Shot

09/23/2015 • Huff Post TV  “Discussion on Stay-at-Home-Dads”

09/07/2015 • PIX11 TV News  “How to take picture perfect back to school photos”

08/31/2015Fox and Friends  “How to avoid an awkward class photo”

07/26/2015Fox and Friends Weekend  “Remember your vacation with perfect pictures”

06/27/2015Fios 1 NJ TV  “The perfect selfie and chat about fatherhood with NY Giants punter Steve Weatherford”

06/15/2015The Jake Sasseville Show  “Matt Became a Single Dad of 5 so he Hired Ex-Israeli Military as Nannies”

06/13/2015 Fox and Friends Weekend  “Father’s Day and Photographing Kids”

06/10/2015  “A Dad’s Advice to Jim Bob Duggar: You Can’t Fix It If You Deny It Exists”

06/09/2015 Good Men Project  “A Dad’s Advice to Jim Bob Duggar: You Can’t Fix It If You Deny It Exists”

05/29/2015 AskBonBon TV  “On Parenting”

05/27/2015 Podcast with Devon Bandison  “Fatherhood Is Who I Am!”

12/06/2014Fox and Friends Weekend  “How to take Great Holiday Photos”

12/01/  “My overall parenting policy is that I’m truthful with them…”

11/29/2014 • Aish Gala 2014  – Jewish Continuity Award Acceptance Speech

11/24/  “When I got to work, I turned my parent brain off. And when I was at home…”

11/04/2014Yahoo Parenting  “If Your Child Is Super Talented, the First Thing You’ll Notice … “

10/15/2104Accessories Council  – How to Improve Your Social Media

07/04/2014NBC Today Show – Picture perfect: Veterans turn to photography

04/20/2014 Fox and Friends – Picture Perfect Easter

12/15/2013Digital Imaging Reporter – Dealer of the Year

12/14/2013Fox and Friends – Tips to take the perfect holiday snapshot

11/06/2013 • CBS NY “The Couch” – Camera Comparison: Matt Sweetwood With The Mega Pixeled Truth

10/03/2013Fox and Friends – The case for cameras in the age of the smartphone

08/30/2013NJ Star Ledger • – 24 hours inside N.J.’s most famous diner

05/06/2013Fox and Friends – How to take the Best High School Photos

03/28/2013Fox and Friends – Tips on taking perfect Easter portraits

01/13/2013Fox News Insider – Kate Middleton Portrait Draws Criticism

12/19/2012Fox and Friends First – Make your holiday photos picture perfect

12/14/2012Fox and Friends – Take foolproof holiday photos

06/17/2012NBC NY Today Show – Picture Picture Summer

06/19/2011NBC NY Today Show – Father’s Day Digital Photography Tips

03/15/2008 • – Unique Photo Embraces Roots