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Speaking Calendar

4/6/2017 • WeWork Presents • “Social Media is not something you do – It’s a lifestyle” • New York City, NY

3/16/2017 • Social Media Education in High Schools Series • “How can teenagers be more successful with social media?” • Mountain Lakes School District, NJ

2/9/2017 • Dad 2.0 Summit • “I Am Not A Rock” • San Diego, CA


10/28/2016 • RecruitmentQueen HR Summit • “Social Media Recruiting” • Brightwood Career Institute, Philadelphia

 10/09/2016 • Media Technology Summit 2016 • New York City (Check out the video here)

9/22/2016 • Entrepreneurs Organization NJ • “Using Social Media to Build Your Business and Brand” • Basking Ridge, NJ

9/18/2016 • Foto Source Convention • “10 Things Every Photo Retailer Should Be Doing to Survive & Thrive” • Montreal

6/8/2016 • “Using Social Media to Skyrocket Your Brand/Skyrocket Your Profits” • WeWork 42nd St, NYC

6/2/2016 • Social Media Strategies Summit • “Social Media Techniques to Build Your Brand & Business” • Wyndam NYC

5/25/2016 • Ehad Mishelanu • “An Unexpected Journey and Finding Your Purpose in Life” • Kiev, Ukraine

5/24/2016 • The CMO Club CIS Ukraine • “Personal Branding in the Business World” • Kiev, Ukraine

5/20/2016 • European Business Association • “Social Media Techniques to Build Your Brand & Business” • Kiev, Ukraine

5/11/2016 • “Keynote Address for the King David Award” • U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C.

4/12/2016 • NJ Creatives Network/MCA-I NJ • “Using Social Media to Build Your Business and Personal Brand” • Fairfield, NJ

3/31/2016 • Connect•Work•Thrive • “Leveraging Social Networks: From Voodo to Guru” • Microsoft NYC

1/12/2016 • “Marketing Your Business: The New Elements of Success” • Time Warner Cable NYC

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What is the difference between great leadership and great parenting-
There’s no shortage of information on what it takes to make a great leader and plenty of information on what it takes to be a great parent. And maybe there aren’t many folks who have figured out how to be great at either. I have spent most of my adult life aspiring to both. I am the single and sole parent of five children for over 20 years since their mother left us. And now I am a leading advocate for single dads everywhere. My thoughts can be seen in my regular contributions to The Good Men Project and The Huffington Post. I was also the president of NJ’s largest camera store and photographic supply company, for over 28 years, until I recently sold that business. I have been credited with reinventing the modern camera store and my thoughts on business and leadership can be found on LinkedIn Pulse and beBee as multi-featured writer. It’s occurred to me, that maybe the skills of being a great parent and a great leader aren’t that far apart. What if they are actually the same thing? How does one make you better at the other?

PurposeThrough telling the story of how I raised five successful children to adulthood on my own, as a single dad after their mom left us, I give an inspirational and motivational talk on how spirituality enters our life – sometimes when we least expect it but usually when we need it most. We just need to be open to receive it as it guides us to find the purpose in our life. How can you learn to be open to growing spiritually and find YOUR purpose in life?

BrandToday over 65% of companies use social media to hire. Did you know that in addition to LinkedIn and beBee, Facebook serves an important roll for any job seeker? Companies today look at prospective candidate’s social media accounts during the hiring process. They do it not only to ensure candidates meet their moral codes but also to see their ability to communicate and what kind of following they will bring to them. Social Media is the best way to build your personal brand, distinguish yourself from other job candidates, and give yourself the confidence you need to get the job you always wanted. Whether you are a social media expert or have never used social media, I discuss and teach how popular platforms such as LinkedIn, beBee, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram work, and some tricks to grow both following and interaction. I show some simple steps to build your personal brand right away. Walk into your next job interview with a big social media following, a powerful personal brand, and the confidence that will get you hired.

BizDo you feel like you have fallen behind in the social media world? Are you unsure of how to use social media for your business? Should I have Facebook friend or business page? What do I do with my personal page? How do I make all of this work for me? You know you have to use social media if you want to be successful. I’ll show you how easy it is to use social media and a dual brand strategy to build your presence and grow your business. In this seminar, I share some BIG secrets I have discovered on how to be a social media power user. And how a non-famous person can get himself or herself into the top 1% of of all social media users!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, beBee, Security, Privacy and how to get your customer’s or client’s attention are all covered. You’ll come away from this workshop with the skills and knowledge necessary to build your own powerful brands and be someone who knows how to use social media!

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Book Matt for a speaking engagement HERE!

Getting ready for my talk on Using Social Media to Build Your Business and Brand

Getting ready for my talk on Using Social Media to Build Your Business and Brand .jpg

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