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You’re Invited to My New Show: “Sunday Night Live”

Join me on my new Facebook LIVE Show,
Sunday Nights @ 10pm Eastern Time!

I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a 30-minute live show every Sunday night, “The BIG LIFE Show” on my Facebook Page. The show will provide an opportunity for me to share many of the deep life lessons that I have picked up along the way on my amazing journey on this earth and have written about in over 100 articles – on a wide range of subjects from relationships, parenting, single-parenting, dating, health, spirituality, business, social media, personal branding and much more. And I will also be interviewing some very important and influential guests.

I hope to share with you what I have learned about how to have a happier, more successful and more rewarding life – what I call a BIG life – a life worth living.

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The reason I have chosen Facebook as my platform, is that it gives me an opportunity to interact LIVE – with you! Feel free to ask questions, pose problems and share with my audience your experiences. The first show I did last Sunday, “What should you do when there’s no Mom and it’s Mother’s Day?” was a big success and those that participated walked away with some very positive thoughts and action items.

If you can’t watch live, the replay will be available afterwards on my Facebook page and syndicated across other social channels such as YouTube.

“Sunday Night Live” is just the beginning for me. The show officially starts the discussion about my emotional and thought-provoking new book, “Man-Up: How a single dad of five lost his hair, saved his sanity and gained his soul” – which should be available by the end of this year.

I wrote “Man-Up” because whether it’s one of my published articles or whether I speak in front of thousands, small groups or counsel individuals, I get asked the same questions over and over again – the same ones I see daily on my social media too. And here are a few examples:

• I’ve never heard of a man raising five little kids on his own. How did you survive?
• How were you able to run a successful business and manage that household?
• Did you treat your girls differently than your boys?
• How could you find the time or energy to date?
• Were women willing to date a single dad with sole custody of 5 kids?
• Most men don’t know how to ask for help. Could you?
• Why aren’t you angry?
• How did you discover your spiritual side?
• You are so positive and your life is so full and meaningful. How are you able to have such a big life?
• You are the first single-dad I know that has written and spoken so extensively about his journey? What drove you to do that?

I hope to see you all this Sunday Night.

Make the rest of your week a BIG one!


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