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Overcoming a Fear of Flying to Help Expand Your Business’s Reach

Overcoming a Fear of Flying to Help Expand Your Business’s Reach

Flying is arguably one of the safest methods of transportation in the world, and also one that helps to get us around the world at the fastest pace. However, despite it being so heavily regulated, we can’t help but feel a little bit anxious when the plane starts rocking in the air and we also can’t ignore the catastrophic loss of life that occurs whenever there’s a serious aviation accident. This is mostly due to the fact that when an aviation accident occurs, it’s usually not a handful of fatalities but a huge number of them, often involving the entire passenger and crew list. As such, flying can easily strike fear into our hearts and prevent us from seeing the world.
Unfortunately, if you’re operating a successful business then you’ll eventually need to travel the world. Whether it’s to give a speech in another country or even promote your product to a new market, it’s vital that you travel as an entrepreneur to expand your horizons and take advantage of new opportunities. So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of ways to overcome a fear of flying so you can grow your business.

1. Understand the difference between your fears and real dangers

It’s often easy to mistaken your fears for real dangers. For instance, your body might react negatively to flying because you’re thinking too much about certain fears when in reality those fears are unlikely to ever happen. Unfortunately, the fear you experience could eventually turn into a negative response which feels like you’re really in danger when in reality everyone around you is feeling absolutely fine. Those irrational fears can eventually cause anxiety and will negatively impact your ability to fly, so it’s vital that you separate your fears from the dangers that are actually likely to happen and learn to control your fears.

2. Get used to talking with the cabin crew

The crew on board of a plane are often extremely friendly and seasoned fliers. They’ve probably racked up thousands of miles in the air and have experienced all kinds of anxious passengers and will have plenty of tips on how you can relax your nerves and enjoy the flight. Flight crews are fantastic at hospitality and will take care of your needs, so get used to talking to them as soon as you board the plane.

3. Consider speaking to lawyers about flying

While the last thing you want to experience is an accident on a plane, it sometimes helps to speak to aviation lawyers in order to learn a bit more about flying, planes and airlines in general. Of course, you typically need to approach lawyers with some kind of case or use for their services, but learning more about the cases that aviation lawyers take and understanding the reasons for plane accidents happening in the first place can give you a reality check regarding just how infrequent they actually are and also the services available to you should something occur in the air.

4. Build up your confidence by flying shorter distances

Don’t start off by flying all across the world. If you’re anxious about flying then one of the best things to do is start small. Think about flying to somewhere local on a 1-2 hour flight and go on a short break or holiday. Short flights might involve smaller planes, but they’re a great way to get used to the process of flying and will often give you an idea of how it would feel to fly longer distances. This is much cheaper than taking a course designed to familiarise you with flying and is also a great excuse to take a break from work and enjoy yourself.

5. Understand what triggers your fear of flying

Everyone has different reasons for being afraid of flying. Some just hate the idea that you’re stuck in a tight metal vehicle in the sky, and others are afraid of the claustrophobia. By understanding what triggers your fear, you can slowly work towards overcoming those fears by speaking to professionals that are experts in flying phobias or fears in general. You might find that it’s difficult to pinpoint the source of your fear of flying, so speaking to a professional can often help to uncover the reasons why you might be afraid of air travel.

Hopefully, this article has given you some idea on how you can overcome a fear of flying and use it to your advantage to grow your business.

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