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The Case In Favor Of Overstocking Inventory

The Case In Favor Of Overstocking Inventory

Small business owners are wary and cautious creatures. They have every reason to be this way as they cannot make too many mistakes like a big corporation can. For one thing they don’t have a solid reputation nationally or worldwide just yet. They also don’t have the financial means to keep taking hits from bad decision-making. Just finding the market’s pulse is hard enough, let alone understanding what it potentially means. The chase to find market trends is tiring but necessary and small business owners will attest, it takes up a lot of their time. Once they have the information they need, then they can begin delivering their products and services to wider consumer audiences. But the default position is to be safe, not go out on a limb or a whim. This comes with a caveat, as you won’t be able to react as quickly as you would like to in supplying clients and customers. Here is where the case in favor of overstocking inventory comes in.

It comes with the season

Without question, most small businesses will always overstock just before Christmas. Major public holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Day are always going to be brilliant purchasing times for consumers. Therefore if a business wishes to ride this train for as long as possible and not be left behind at one of the stops because they showed up too late, overstocking is a must. However this has to directly correlate with a marketing campaign well in advance of the holiday period. Therefore overstocking should happen when you have nailed down your marketing strategy only. If done correctly, you’ll be taking in more orders than usual, thus you need to have a little more stock to fulfil those orders without backlogging every new order that comes in.

It’s outsource possible

What puts many business owners from overstocking is the lack of resources they have. ‘Where to put it all?’ is the question they ask. Some more successful companies will have their own storage but most of the entrepreneurs in the world will be using storage facility services. You can outsource your overstocking storage capabilities to a company like that is a specialist in this field. For example, they have CCTV surveillance on sight, you have access all throughout the week, they monitor and patrol the entire area after dark and you can add or remove goods that you need without any charges. They also have a variety of sizes to choose from so you only pay for the space that you actually need. Overstocking is feasible when you have this kind of extra space that you can treat as if it were your own. They have been offering this service to business owners for almost three decades, so it’s not like this is some kind of new pop-up venture.

Overstocking is brilliant when it comes to seasonal shopping. If you have a brilliant marketing strategy to coincide with your extra storage plans, you won’t be left behind a momentous train of higher than normal consumer purchasing.

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