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5 Things All Successful Startups Do

5 Things All Successful Startups Do

Research suggests that up to 90% of startups fail. For some, failure isn’t a big deal. They’ve tried their hand at running a small business or selling something that they already make as a hobby, but they’ve got another job or trade that brings home the bacon. Their business is really little more than a hobby, or a chance that hasn’t worked out. They might learn some valuable lessons, but in terms of money and experience, it’s no significant loss. For others, it’s shattering.

These people have fully committed to their business. They’ve given up careers and perhaps put their families savings on the line. They’ve taken a big chance on something that they believe in, and they’ve put their heart into trying to make things work. For these people, the loss of money and the failure of their dream is heartbreaking.

But, many of these businesses have failed for the same reasons. They’ve failed to do at least one of the things that most successful companies do.

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Plan and Prepare

The best businesses don’t just leap in. They don’t take a gamble without putting the time in first. They take their time to research the market and check out any competition. They plan their launch and start to create a buzz even before they’ve really got started. They plan marketing campaigns and future products or services. They find the right locations or make the perfect website. They do plenty of planning and preparation behind the scenes before they come anywhere near launching a business.


Many businesses that fail do so because they either fail to budget or they fail to do it accurately or realistically. They don’t budget for more than opening day. They don’t think about the loss of income or future changes to the market. They’ve got no idea about the finances of their business.

The businesses that succeed prepare budgets and financial forecasts so that they know when they’ll need to borrow and how much. They have clear financial expectations and goals for the coming years, and they know how they are going to hit them. They don’t just make big purchases without thinking. They explore other options like bad credit truck leasing which could spread costs. In short, they are careful with money.


Starting a business is tough. For the first year, it’s going to need a lot of your time and effort, and you’ll need to be committed to it. The best business owners are willing to give it all, through the ups and the downs.

Offer Something People Want

Just because you’ve got what you think is a fantastic idea, it doesn’t mean that other people will want it. There’s no point spending time and money launching a product if there is no market for your business, or if someone else is already doing it better, or cheaper. Take the time to do your research, and don’t just build your business on what you want to sell. The best companies always consider what other people want to buy.

Take it Slowly
It’s thought that 70% of startups fail because they start to scale up too soon. They have a good period and decide that it’s an excellent chance to offer more products or service or open new premises. The best businesses take their time. They wait for sustained and consistent growth and earning before they even consider branching out or scaling up.

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