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What To Do After A Crash With A Lorry

What To Do After A Crash With A Lorry

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a truck or a lorry, you’ll know that sorting out the legal issues isn’t always simple. Sharing the roads with these large vehicles can be a challenge, but with some level-headed sense you can make an accident less of a disaster. Stay safe, stay calm and follow this guide if you’re concerned about the likelihood of an accident involving a heavy goods vehicle.

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If you regularly drive on roads that are heavily used by lorries, you’ll know that driving alongside these large vehicles can feel dangerous. It’s probably wise to know some basic tips for in the case of an accident. 

In many states, leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, so make sure you stay, and move to somewhere safe as soon as possible. If you can, leave your car where it came to rest so the authorities can get an accurate idea of what happened. Get out of the car and move to the side of the road, getting as far away from the traffic as you can. Check yourself and any passengers for any injuries. 

A collision with a large truck often results in injuries, so call 911 for help. The cops will help you file a police report after an accident. While you wait for them to arrive, take some pictures of the results of the crash and exchange insurance information with any other drivers. Landmarks, vehicle damage and things like skid marks on the road are helpful to have a record of. Be sure not to say anything about fault, as even apologizing could lead you to taking the blame later. 

When you get home, contact a lawyer who has experience  in handling this kind of accident, like truck accident attorneys from NBA law firm. If the lorry that you were in a collision with is owned by large firm, they’re likely to have a large team of lawyers ready to defend them, so it’s important to consult an attorney with experience. Huge amounts of money is put into defending commercial drivers, so choose an attorney who is used to fighting large insurance companies. 

The right attorney will be able to thoroughly investigate the cause of an accident. Everything from human error to an uneven truckload can cause serious, or even fatal, accidents, and it’s important the causes are investigated thoroughly. As the accidents usually involve multiple parties, arranging a case can be a lengthy process, even with a more skilled lawyer. Recovering compensation can take a while. Your lawyer will need to look into all liable parties, which could be the truck owner if the truck was faulty, a driver who failed to take a legally required break, or the company who loaded the truck if this was done incorrectly. 

The right law firm will provide support as well as purising the legal action for you. Your lawyer should be dedicated and experienced in handling accidents with commercial vehicles. Look for a firm that is compassionate and supportive. A crash is a distressing experience, and dealing with someone who is sympathetic will be much easier while you’re recovering from the shock and emotional upheaval. Read reviews and ask for recommendations to find a firm with a good reputation. 

With your law firm on hand, ask for their advice on how to proceed next to make sure you’re prepared with all the information if they think you have a claim. If you wish to pursue compensation, make sure you have your claim in good order. 

If your were injured at all, even in a minor way, during the crash, make sure you seek medical attention. Injuries from an accident can get worse if ignored, so your doctor promptly and get a copy of any records of your treatment. If you don’t attend, the other side can claim you weren’t actually injured and didn’t need treatment, which will damage the amount of compensation you may be entitled to.  

Report the accident to the police if they didn’t attend the scene, and report it to the DMV or other authorities. Check who needs to know in your state and make sure you’ve informed them. 

Begin filing a lawsuit if necessary. It’s important to do this promptly, as there may be a cut off point where you can no longer file. In order to claim any compensation, it’s likely that evidence will need to be collected, and the sooner this is done the better. Evidence will be more accurate and you’re more likely to remember the exact events and be able to give better statements.

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