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Your Business Size Doesn’t Define You

Your Business Size Doesn’t Define You

The digital revolution has forever transformed the traditionalist core of the business world. Indeed, when the large companies used to monopolize the market, nowadays, brands of all sizes can build and maintain their position on the market. Indeed, small businesses, and more especially ventures launched by solo-entrepreneurs and freelancers, are not silenced anymore by the number of their employees. Do you need a grow your team to secure your market presence? The digital revolution has answered loud and clear for independent professionals to take note: You don’t have to be big to grow big. Indeed, not only does your business size not define your performance and success, but it also doesn’t limit you. Solo-entrepreneurs can make themselves relevant and visible to their target audience without resorting to expensive advertising or recruiting.

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You can use another address

For independent professionals, the prospect of publishing their home office address as the location of their business can be daunting. Customers pay close attention to the business contact details as a way of figuring out whether it is safe to commit to a transaction. A number of factors are considered to determine whether a business can be trusted or not. Displaying contact details reassures customers in the belief that the company can be contacted in case of problems. However, publishing your home address can have a counterproductive effect. Instead, however, you can use a registered office address service – more about it here yourcompanyformations.co.uk/address/registered-office/ – that acts as a storefront for your company. Combined with mail forwarding services, you can protect your privacy and make a professional impression. 

You don’t need a big team

There is no secret. If you are going to compete against established brands online, you need to make sure that you can interact with the market professionally and productively. Digital marketing – or the approach to the online market –, however, doesn’t have to be part of your in-house skill sets. Indeed, solo-entrepreneurs are not in a position to tackle marketing functions on top of their day-to-day job. You can outsource some of your marketing activities or even the whole strategic to specialists who can support your presence. Ultimately, unless you are planning to expand your business, there is no reason to hire specialists when you can use project-based contractors, instead. More importantly, independent professionals are more likely to benefit from the latest tools and trends in the digital sectors when they choose to outsource their digital strategy. 

Everybody can have a professional website

Small businesses now have the opportunity to build their website in a matter of minutes and at a low cost. Admittedly, while free websites are available, professionals should opt for a paid package that offers an individual domain name and full control over the site templates and content – including removing ads. However, for newcomers to the business world, it’s fair to say that search engines are unlikely to promote their sites among the top positions any time soon, unless you do the SEO work. WordPress is a common choice for businesses as a third of the web uses the content management system. However, your web management tasks can be time-demanding. However, other platforms such as Weebly and Wix are also popular, especially among the creative sector, as they offer an intuitive building process without the hassle of manual site management. The bottom line is that with very little IT and design knowledge, you can create a functional and elegant website

Everybody can create viral content 

Search engines are designed to promote ghi-quality content at the top of the ranking system. The SEO algorithm considers a variety of factors to describe the quality of your content, from the correct use of keywords to the domain authority of a website. However, for newcomers to the business world, it’s fair to say that search engines are unlikely to promote their sites among the top positions any time soon. Indeed, you need to establish your credibility as an expert online. In other words, you need to build content that people want to read. Creating viral content is a delicate art to master, as per socialmediatoday.com/21-data-backed-tips-for-writing-viral-blog. But, more often than not, a little know-how can go a long way. According to research, using an odd number and brackets in your headlines can attract up to twice more clicks. Long posts of 1,500 words or more are 76.8% more likely to be heavily shared. Finally, mentioning and linking to influencers in your piece – with their permissions – can significantly help your content to go viral. Search engines not only like viral content but they also promote it in their rankings. 

In conclusion, you don’t need to be big to be seen by your target audience. However, your visibility is only half the battle. Delivering what you promise is the next challenge to secure your market position.

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