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Have You Considered Your Business Atmosphere?

Have You Considered Your Business Atmosphere?

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Have you considered your business atmosphere? Before we discuss why you might want to, or how this could be applied, let us consider a shining example of atmospheric care and application. Consider, if you will, an Apple Store within a busy mall. This is often a place that is both seen as hip, a forefront element of the modern tech community, a place to learn, and a place to see the products in action.

However, the stores are very simple. Bright white commercial LED lighting is used to give the space an ethereal glow, the polished and carefully-put-together Apple assistants and the sequenced use of display models allows a competent and comfortable retail experience that oozes a premium and modern feeling. Even if you’re not a fan of Apple’s products and pricing, you’d have to concede this vital point.

That being said, have you considered your business atmosphere? Perhaps doing this can help you move forward to a much more competent forward process, giving you the tools to not only renovate your retail space as well as this, but your entire public offering. We think it could be useful. Let’s test that theory:


In retail environments or even some open office spaces, light music can help set a mood and help people concentrate. Of course, in an office setting this can be harder to swing, but in a public space, or perhaps an environment in which you trade or provide a service? It might make all of the difference. It might be that very simple and smooth jazz can help your barber’s shop return with a real callback to the 50s, or perhaps your new age music playing at a low volume can help someone make that purchase of a candle and some essential oils in your health-focused popup store. Never underestimate the power of music.


Organization can make all the difference in a business atmosphere. This includes how digital files are kept in your systems, how items are placed on your store shelves, how your staff interface with the tools they need such as cleaning equipment, or how you develop a window display. Careful, neat, tight, with an eye for color themes and never making the space too busy may help you enjoy a better standard of organization, something that can catch the eye of your customers or help your staff members interface with their work effectively.

Power Statements

Power statements might help you strongly show what kind of mood you are chasing as a retail or hospitable environment. It’s not uncommon for modern bars to use bright back-lit lettering to show an empowered message for those there, or perhaps something humorous. This is a great effort to ensure that the message contributes to the atmosphere, but it can also allow for great Instagram-able content, netting yourself free promotion.

With this advice, you’re sure to use your business atmosphere to your advantage.

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