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Are Tech Issues Slowing Down Your Business?

Are Tech Issues Slowing Down Your Business?

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Most businesses are now reliant on technology. When this technology fails, it can slow productivity and even bring some companies to a standstill. Here are just a few measures that you can take to prevent tech issues slowing down your business.

Use an uninterruptible power supply

Almost all modern technology runs on electricity. In the event of a power cut, owning an uninterruptible power supply can be worthwhile. These devices store electricity so that during a power cut you still have a couple of hours of power. These reserves could be enough to ride out the power cut without all your machines shutting down.

Backup generators can be another option for offering more power. These could include solar or petroleum generators.

Invest in a strong wi-fi connection

Shaky wi-fi can be hugely frustrating – with many businesses storing information on the cloud and processing payments online, having a steady wi-fi connection can be essential for keeping business flowing. It’s worth investing in the strongest wi-fi connection that you can afford so that lapses are less common. You make sure that your wi-fi also covers a suitable range and that there aren’t rooms in your office that struggle to get a connection.  

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Meanwhile, a strong portable wi-fi option could be necessary for those who are constantly on the move.

Outsource IT support

Bugs, glitches and viruses can all slow down business. Technicians are often called out to deal with these issues, which can take several hours to sort out. By outsourcing managed IT services such as 24HourTek, you can deal with these problems more rapidly. These IT experts can access your computer remotely and attend to the fault straight away.

Keep software updated

Some tech issues such as data corruption, slow loading times and viruses can be the result of software never being updated. Make sure that you’re shutting down your computer regularly so that software automatically updates. Certain software may eventually run out of updates if it is old enough.

Service your hardware

Faulty hardware can also slow many businesses down. This could be a jamming printer or a broken cash register. Running service checks on this hardware could help to notify you of faults early so that you can make repairs before technology fails completely. Such repairs could even be cheaper than were you wait and get them repaired – this is because minor damage can be much more easily fixed than major damage. 

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