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How To Ensure Customers Aren’t Abusing Your Systems

How To Ensure Customers Aren’t Abusing Your Systems

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Business systems are often set up to make life easier for the user experience of your customers, and also the ease and consideration of your staff. Without this, it’s very easy to fall into a range of systems that are less than effective, and this can be a problem. You likely notice that many websites update their online storefronts from time to time, or afford you more curation over your user accounts, or that many now use social media direct messaging functionalities to help you open support tickets with them.

It is unfortunate to think that sometimes, over convenient or impersonal systems can be used to harm your business through customer abuse. For example, it’s not uncommon for expensive items such as TV’s or computer components to be accidentally presented as a much lower price than they may be, word gets out, and then thousands try to order said item. Of course, this is a problem in the back-end of your website development, or in the details applied to a certain item, but it’s these issues in spirit that comprise the matters you need to avoid.

With that in mind, let’s consider how to design protections against it:

Check Customer Histories

Keeping customer accounts open can be a wise way of tracking their progress as a user of your firm. For example, if you find that they are returning a high number of items before the sales begin, or they’re always complaining of bad service and asking for compensation, or they’re engaging in negative behavior with your support staff, this can be a real problem. When you create user account and allow for a tracked history of this, you can be certain that customer progress is verified.

Verify Your Process

From time to time, customers can try and game your system. The most common form of this is through delivery services. With fleet fuel cards and the ability to accurate give an hour window between when your driver is expected, you will be able to ensure most deliveries are a success. This in itself can be quite worthwhile. However, GPS tracking and signed for delivery can also ensure that when a customer contests this, especially more than one time, you have the proof to hand.

Security Protocols

Utilize the right security protocols going forward. If you see a security vulnerability within your website, take down your site until this can be addressed. Additionally, allowing customers to add 2 factor authentication to their accounts, to update their information and making them use strong passwords can prevent their accounts from being compromised, as this can often translate to negative security concerns or even having to refund large orders. Additionally, protecting the information of your customers can prevent them from spreading false privacy concerns about you, or making your legitimate services seem as though they are not trustworthy. 

With this approach, you are sure to prevent customers from abusing your systems by looking after them in return.

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