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Choosing Server Cabinets For Your Business

Choosing Server Cabinets For Your Business

When setting up or developing a data centre (or any aspect of a business for that matter), it is vitally important that you consider every element you are planning to incorporate into the centre with extreme care and consideration. 

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One of the most important parts of a data centre is the server cabinets you will use to store your hardware and equipment inside. You need to make sure that you purchase server racks and cabinets which will fit perfectly into your data centre, as well as meet your requirements and needs with regards to their usage. For this reason, there are several points you should consider when looking for the perfect data cabinets to suit your centre. This article will reveal the top four things you should look for when making this decision. 

Number one: Money

Obviously, every company has a budget and you must decipher how much money you have available to spend on the purchase server cabinets. You need to consider your budget as a whole, including a paper shredding service as your money online. Once you have worked this out you should establish how much storage space you actually need. By having these two factors determined you can then work out an average price of what you can afford per a certain size cabinet. Obviously data cabinets are important, but they vary greatly when it comes to price, and thus you don’t want to spend tons of money that you can’t afford when there are cheaper alternatives. 

Number two: Non-negotiable elements

The next point of consideration is certain elements you want from a data cabinet which are simply non-negotiable for your business. For instance, you may have equipment worth a lot of money, or something which is integral and thus highly valuable to your company, therefore a cabinet with a locker would be an essential.

Number three: The type of cabinet

There are a vast range of server cabinets available these days, and I am not just talking about the size of them. There are open spaced cabinets, wall mounted racks and soundproof cabinets, to name but a view. You need to decide on the selection of cabinets you need, as it is more than likely that you will need more than one type. 

Number four: Cable space

This is a small point but it is often one that can cause a lot of frustration if forgotten about. You need to make sure that the cabinet you select has enough room for your cables. More often than not, companies will purchase a server rack only to find that the cables for the equipment they wish to store inside does not fit. This can be extremely frustrating!

These are the main four points for consideration when picking the server cabinets you need for your data centre. In my opinion it is often a good idea to make a little checklist, and once you have got all these points dealt with then you can rest assured that you have selected the perfect data cabinets for your centre.

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