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Business Expenses You Should Never Skimp On

Business Expenses You Should Never Skimp On

When we start a small business, we often look for ways to cut costs. Even years in, we tend to be looking for ways to reduce expenses and save money. Running a business is tough, overheads can be high, it can be hard for business to pick up, and even after you’ve got going, it can be difficult to bring in new customers and sustain growth. 

Fortunately, there are usually plenty of ways that you can cut costs. In the early days, you might choose to focus your marketing efforts online, running digital campaigns yourself, without shelling out for a marketing team. You might also want to hire freelancers, instead of full-time staff. But, there are also places that you should never skimp. Areas where it’s always worth spending what you can afford to get a job done well. These are some of them.

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When it comes to the law, you should never try to go it alone. It’s worth getting legal advice when you first start out, to ensure your business stays within the law. You might also need help from Nanthaveth & Associates if you’ve got any immigration issues, and further advice if you have any other legal concerns. If in doubt, ask a professional. 


Insurance is something that you hope never to need, at home, on the road, or in your business. But, it’s something that you should always have, just in case. In some cases, like when driving a car, insurance is even a legal requirement, and it’s often worth paying higher premiums, for an insurance policy which offers you the best protection. 

When it comes to business insurance, you’ll need something that covers and protects your business from any risks. If you work with the public or even have contact with public contractors, you’ll need public liability insurance. You will also need any business vehicles to be insured, and if you work from home, or keep any equipment there, you might need to update your home insurance policies. 


Consultancy isn’t something that you can need. But, it is something that could save you a lot of money in the future, help you build your business (and make money) faster, and avoid many of the mistakes that other companies have made. Hiring a consultant when you are first starting out can be exceptionally useful.


Many small businesses attempt to do their own accounts. If you have experience, this might work well. But it can be dangerous. Making mistakes with your accounting can mean that you spend more than you need to, buy failing to declare the right expenses, or that you face costly fines due to making mistakes with your returns. 

Repairs and Maintenance

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It’s always tempting to cut corners to save money when it comes to repairs. Or to paper over the cracks, in the hope that things will last for a little longer. But, it’s often worth paying for repairs to be done well, as soon as they are needed. This can save you money and protect your business. 

Safety Equipment and Uniforms

If your staff require safety equipment and uniforms, make sure they always have what they need to do their jobs safely. 

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