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4 Starting Points For Building Your Beverage Brand

4 Starting Points For Building Your Beverage Brand

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Emerging as a new brand in the beverage industry is both exciting and a real challenge. Those with this goal will likely know that the market is a competitive one. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should hold back, only that you’ll need to have a thorough game plan from the get-go. For a few starting points, be sure to consider these five.

1 . Do your research 

Naturally, any business endeavor is best approached with thorough research. You need to find out absolutely everything you can about the world of the beverage entrepreneur. Start with sources like ‘Beverage Industry’ magazine. Read up on news and trends; from packaging to distribution, plant-based beverages and consumer desires. Here you’ll find links to IFT short-courses on beverage quality and safety plus webinars on a range of topics. Check all this stuff out and gain yourself some insights that can help your business model. The more information that you gain, the better equipped you’ll be to make informed decisions about your product.

2. Determine your category 

One of the first things that you’ll need to determine is what kind of beverage you want to make whether juices, sodas, energy drinks or health drinks etc. In our current climate, the health drinks industry has seen a real surge in popularity; we’ve recently seen a whole host of new brands emerge into the market. The millennial generation are often particularly health-conscious; which is one of the reasons that such trends have emerged. Health drinks brands are great to market and do particularly well with emotionally lead branding. For these reasons, a health-drink could be worth consideration. Once you’ve created your product as a prototype, be sure to conduct plenty of taste tests to perfect your recipe. 

3. Marketing mission

Define who your target audience are, create a character profile of them so you’ll know how to best gain their attention. Once you’ve defined your target audience, it’s far easier to establish the brand and values which will appeal to them. During your marketing stages, you’ll also want to ensure that you can present exactly how you are unique from your competition. Think about how you will establish yourself in the market; for instance, will you sell products online? Perhaps you will start with supermarkets or restaurants? Maybe you’ll instead you’ll start at farmers markets? Social media is a powerful tool for when it comes to marketing strategy, so be sure to create some engaging video content when the time is right.

4. Production technicalities

Before you can begin to sell your products at scale, you must understand how you can source the best ingredients via the most cost-effective solutions. If you are looking to manufacture your own product, you need to determine the equipment that you’ll need to lease. It can often be easier to work with a manufacturer to develop and produce your products. Command Nutritionals are a leading company in the powdered drink manufacturing industry, so are well worth checking out- particularly for health-beverage brands.

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