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Spotlight on Success: Frank DiTommaso

Spotlight on Success: Frank DiTommaso

Frank DiTommaso, co-founder of Interstate Drywall Corp., knows a little something about success. Having co-founded a lucrative and well-respected construction company, a corporation that is doing great business and producing quality work, DiTommaso is the perfect example of how hard work, determination and motivation are key in becoming a successful leader in business.

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DiTommaso’s beginnings are much like any other: he began his adult life by attending college at the University of Massachusetts, earning a bachelor’s degree in finance and civil engineering, great choices for any future entrepreneur. After his course of study, DiTommaso took a job as project manager for L&T Contracting, where he worked in management for major, big-budget projects, overseeing and making estimates from the project’s inception all the way until the end. Overseeing these multi-million dollar projects gave him experience in leadership and seeing projects through, which paved the way for his future business. 

After leaving his position at L&T Contracting, Frank DiTommaso established Interstate Drywall Corp. in 1986 – his first business venture. For the next three years he worked tirelessly at fine-tuning and streamlining his business model, providing the best possible goods and services to his clients, and learning how to be a leader in construction. From the very beginning he served as the Principal of the company, working closely with his employees and overseeing every detail of every project to make sure it was up to his personal standards. The skills he learned during this venture are evident in all of his business dealings today. From here, he went on to co-found Interstate Drywall Corp., turning his first business into a successful corporation that handled multi-million dollar building contracts across the country; one of the most successful construction corporations out there. He has also spent time on other projects, holding several patents for cleaning up contaminated water, and has worked on negotiations and business deals for other business owners and corporations. He enjoys putting his unique business acumen to good use, advising and supporting others in their ventures. 

DiTommaso is also well-known in business circles as an effective negotiator, able to sit down and iron out deals with ease and knowledge. These skills have served him well as co-founder and owner of a business, especially one in a lucrative and high-stakes field like construction/building. By the time he co-founded Interstate Drywall Corp., Frank DiTommaso was already a respected and admired innovator and leader in the construction field. Having overseen high-budget and high-profile construction projects all over the country, some of which were handled at his own company, DiTommaso had a wealth of experience in both quality and leadership. It’s no surprise that he took these ventures even further, establishing a larger company to oversee various aspects of construction projects with the same skills, attention to detail, excellent service and leadership that we’ve come to expect from him. Frank DiTommaso is a great example of how a good education, hard work, and motivation can propel you into achieving all of your dreams.

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