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Who Said You Couldn’t Afford A Commercial Premises?

Who Said You Couldn’t Afford A Commercial Premises?

If we can learn anything from the greatest figures of business past, it’s that the best companies flourish in the most unlikely settings. Who would have thought, for instance, that a world-shaking company like Apple could have come from someone’s garage? Forget fancy equipment and high-rise views – all you need is a good idea and the passion for seeing it through.

The said, if you’re operating with business expansion in mind, you’re guaranteed to benefit from investing in a commercial space at some stage. After all, Apple would never have reached the heights that it has if it had stayed cooped up in that garage. 

Still, countless business owners avoid expansions like these because they assume, often falsely, that commercial premises costs are out of reach. In reality, though, there are plenty of ways to afford commercial spaces, even before your profits have really started to soar. And, we’re going to look at a few of them here. 

Don’t shy away from commercial fixer-uppers

There are many cheap commercial fixer-uppers out there, and any of them could sit within your profit margins. Of course, these properties do often come with extra costs like renovation, but you’ll often find that you can take these things one at a time. As long as your new office is at least halfway habitable, there’s certainly no reason you can’t embark on growth alongside improvements. Even better, the ability to tailor a space to your needs could ensure this investment lasts in the long term. 

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Know how to cut costs

As a first-time commercial property buyer, you’re at risk of steep asking prices and excessive monthly costs. But, doing your research could reveal that, actually, you’re able to bring the price of even fancy pants offices within your budget. For one thing, learning the art of negotiation could see you through , and prove that you aren’t a pushover. Even once you’ve secured a space, turning to people in the know could see you saving further. Companies like Tri-Merit will help with cost segregation to bring property taxes within easier reach, while smart technology companies could again cut your monthly bills. Admittedly, these methods can cost upfront, but they can also work wonders for ensuring you easily meet monthly office costs moving forward.

Consider co-working

If you really can’t stretch, it’s also worth considering co-working spaces. There are now plenty of fantastic options for this, and any of them could see you within a commercial space for less. That’s because areas like these are often offered on a rental or subscription basis, and come complete with everything from reception teams to free wifi and beyond. As simple as that, you may find that the cost of independence isn’t half as distant as you thought. 

However you go about it, you can bet that a commercial premises gets your business off the ground at last. Simply consider these cost-saving methods alongside your profits, and think long and hard about how you can make this work.

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