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4 Great Tools To Improve Communication In Your Business

4 Great Tools To Improve Communication In Your Business

Good internal communication is vital to business success. If you and your employees do not communicate well, productivity will suffer and you will not be aware of any potential issues in your business. Communication is especially important if you are using remote workers or employees are collaborating on projects. When you are trying to improve communication, it is important that you lead by example and create a culture of communication around the office, but you also need to invest in the right tools. There are so many great business tools that help to improve communication and boost productivity in your business. These are some of the best ones that you should be using.


Email is a staple communication tool of all offices, but it is often used in the wrong way. If you use email for constant communication and you are copying half of the office into every email, all of your employees will have a full inbox all of the time. This adds up to a lot of wasted time, which is why it’s best to stop answering a lot of those emails so you can do something more productive. However, you can use email to improve communication as long as you recognize that it is not a chat feature. Email is great for things like weekly or monthly newsletters which give your employees information on relevant things that are happening in the business, but it should not be used for asking simple questions. 

Live Chat 

You can solve the issue of email overload if you implement live chat apps instead. These are a much better solution when employees have simple questions or they need to discuss projects with one another. You don’t need to clog up everybody’s email inbox and you can get quick answers to any questions. It is a particularly good tool for remote workers so they can maintain constant communication with employees back in the office. 

Text Messaging

 A lot of businesses avoid text message chains because they can get very messy. If you send out a mass message, everybody in the office will see every single reply, which means that their phones are constantly buzzing with messages that are not relevant to them, and that is a big distraction. However, you can use text message marketing for organizations as an internal communication tool. Instead of a mass text, you can use broadcasting. Every employee will get the message but only the sender will see the reply, which means that people are not constantly disturbed by messages. 

Video Conferencing 

Messaging tools can be very effective, but if you are trying to discuss something at length, they are not very efficient. If possible, having a meeting in person is the easiest way to discuss projects and business strategies. However, the changing nature of working practices means that this is not always possible. That is why you need a good video conferencing system in place in your office. 

When you implement these great communication tools, you will find that productivity increases because your employees communicate with one another a lot more. 

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