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How We Can Pave The Path For Future Business Leaders

How We Can Pave The Path For Future Business Leaders

There’s no shortage of people who want to start a business. According to one 2014 study done by Sparks & Honey, 72% of all high-school students have some interest in starting a business. Many of them will not make it through the kinds of struggles we have to endure, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. By “cutting the wheat from the chaff,” we could actually be hamstringing the growth of industry in the nation. Instead, it could be better to foster the aspiring entrepreneurs of tomorrow, but how do you do it?

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Visit the schools

One of the easiest ways to influence kids to become an entrepreneur and to give them some good advice is to visit them directly. Getting in touch with local high schools about giving talks, presentations, or even leading a series of business courses with them could help you spark the inspiration that leads to entrepreneurship. 

Start a mentorship program

Of course, there may be individuals in your business that want to go down the path of running a business themselves and you can support them in that. Look at the kind of mentorship programs run by companies like Schneider Electric. Many of them foster connections between students and their workers for all kinds of career paths, as well as internal mentorship.

Set up networking events for young entrepreneurs

Networking is a crucial part of any entrepreneur’s journey. There, they can find mentors, business connections, form partnerships, and establish themselves in the broader community. However, not every person or area has access to these kinds of opportunities. If you think you’re in an area ripe for a new event helping business owners and young entrepreneurs find the connections they need, it could be worth learning how to plan a business event for networking purposes.

Lead a broader movement

You can run something under the umbrella of your business offering young business-minded individuals the opportunity to learn from the best. Or you can get involved in broader initiatives like the US-NI Mentorship Program, founded by Declan Kelly. Partnering with like-minded business owners in your area, you can open up a much wider opportunity and make use of a collaborative platform to reach even more people. As such, you can many future business leaders find the mentorship opportunity that best suits them.

Teach how to be an entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs have become teachers in earnest, perhaps after using their exit strategy or retiring from business or even while still running a business. Many develop their own courses to offer online, while others will partner with local colleges or schools. Teaching the fundamentals of business, as well as the core subjects that can help business leaders like mathematics can directly prepare a lot of young people for the world of entrepreneurship more effectively than teaching one at a time.

If you care for the future of your industry or the economy, it’s in your best interest to help pave the way for future entrepreneurs. But how do you do it?

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