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3 easy ways to be a better member of your community

3 easy ways to be a better member of your community

They say that charity starts at home. Here are three simple ideas that can make a massive difference to the lives of others in your community.

Donate supplies or a service 

You don’t have to give your money in order to help your local area. Why not donate the unused items that you already have lying around your home instead? In our world of fast consumption, fast fashion and fast everything, you are bound to have plenty of forgotten items collecting dust that could be beneficial to someone else. Donate any clothes that you are no longer wearing to your local shelter the next time you are having a clearout, and give them a happy new home. Many homeless shelters are also often in need of extra supplies and are always happy to receive donations of any spare food that you might have lying around your kitchen that might otherwise go to waste, mainly non-perishable goods such as those found in tins and cans. You can also donate any old toys that your children no longer play with to various children charities and organizations, and blankets and cages to local animal shelters alongside grooming supplies and pet food. 

If you find that you don’t have much to donate physically, then why not think outside the box and provide a service instead? Perhaps you are a marketing guru and can help promote a local business or service, which would, in turn, help the economy of your community.

Contribute to your local church 

Depending on where you live, the church is still at the heart and center of many communities, providing a spiritual and mental reprieve from the severe stress and pressures of our daily lives. With the church devoting much of their time, focus, and budget to the needs of the locals around them, it can be easy to forget that for the church to be able to help others, we also need to give back and support our church. Get involved with your local church by volunteering to help out at Sunday school or by joining the choir. You could also contribute and write an article for the weekly bulletin or help towards raising money to make the congregation’s church experience more comfortable by updating the pews and getting the best church seating options available. 

Volunteer to do the shopping for the seniors in your community

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

In today’s uncertain times, it is more important than ever to help the vulnerable, but extremely valuable, senior members of our community. Check in to see if they need any food or supplies, and offer to do their weekly shop, run an errand or to pick up a prescription for them. If they have everything they need, or you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, then make yourself available for a simple conversation, an activity such as a puzzle or read a book or newspaper out loud. Many who live alone would love the company and conversation, and by doing so, you are helping them to maintain their independence while creating and cultivating new and long-lasting relationships within the community. 

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