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What Is Alimony?

What Is Alimony?

After getting a divorce, a person may be legally entitled to receive continued financial support from their spouse. This is known as ‘alimony’.

In most cases, it is the most financially dependent partner that can seek alimony (i.e. if your partner was the main provider and paid most of the bills). An exception may include when a partner has committed illicit sexual behaviour, in which case they are not entitled to receive any financial support.

Alimony is different to child support, which is money paid to a partner for the sole purpose of looking after children. A individual may be able to apply for both alimony and child support. In other cases, one partner may pay alimony and the other may pay child support depending on the circumstances.

Some couples are able to agree on a system of financial support without having to go to court. However, others may not be able to come to an agreement so easily. In these cases, legal support will likely be required in order to come to a decision as to whether alimony is required.

The amount of money that a person may be entitled to can vary depending on individual state laws. As a result, it’s worth researching into local law before seeking alimony so that you know exactly how much you’re likely to receive.

Several sites have useful guides and infographics on the subject. Below is an infographic on alimony law in Florida (as well as a few facts on alimony in general):

Infographic designed by Travis Walker Law

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