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Perception Matters: How To Get People Immediately On Side

Perception Matters: How To Get People Immediately On Side

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

In business and in general life, we need to be able to get people on our side if we’re to convince them of anything. Leaders need to show others that they’re the person/group to follow. Hordes of people will not just blindly follow a random person into battle; they need to buy into what that person says first. Look at every single leader or inspiring individual you’ve ever seen – they are more than compelling in their words and actions, aren’t they? 

If you’re looking to create a fantastic firm, or if you’re looking to gather people for a project, then you’re going to have to get people on side immediately. First impressions matter, and so you’ll have to display yourself as credible straight away. How could one do this, though? Well, it takes a little time and practice unless you have amazing charisma already. While you (or you and your group) build on everything, here are a few things you should do/think about in the meantime:

Have An Attractive Brand 

If you look as though you’re an amateur, then people are going to believe that you are. Take, for instance, your name, logo, and overall design. If it’s cheap and tacky-looking, people aren’t going to take you seriously. If the way you conduct yourself on social media isn’t mature and professional, then they’re not going to buy into anything you say. Build a brand that comes across as big-time and reputable – that’s a great start, at the very least.

Be Passionate About What You’re Doing

You have to really care. If you don’t, then the cracks WILL form. People can tell immediately when you’re not really invested yourself. You’ll show people that you’re not bothered by the way you say and do things. They’ll also see you’re not invested by your lack of knowledge and energy. 

Allow Comments And Feedback  

If you keep yourself closed and away from criticism, then you’re going to be distancing yourself a little too much. People like to be able to relate to the person or business they’re trying to connect with. Getting feedback from people and learning about what you need to do in order to improve gets lots of respect – people know that nobody is perfect or infallible; wanting to get better is an attractive trait. If you’re looking to build a business, then you could use something like customer review software in order to handle your feedback and see how others are viewing you. 

Work Hard

People appreciate great work ethic. If they see that you’re working hard, then they’ll give you a chance at the very least. If you’re not bothered, then they won’t be either. It’s similar to the idea of being passionate about what you’re doing. Not only will you get the approval of others, but you’ll also be improving yourself due to the effort you’re putting in. 

Do The Job Properly

We’ll end on a pretty simple note: just make sure you provide the right results. Yes, talking a good game will get you quite far, but you’ll need to be able to show that you can back everything up. If they see you can do a reliable job, then that will pretty much cement their initial feelings. 

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