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How to create a website and why you should have one

How to create a website and why you should have one

Having an online presence is essential to the modern-day business. PR Newswire states that 97% of consumers use the internet to find a business. This means that if you’re a business and you’re not online then you are essentially hidden from your customers. The rule of thumb is that the more visible you are, the more customers you will have. 

So if you’ve been operating for a while or you’ve just set your business up, it’s time to start creating a website from scratch! We’ll talk you through the basics, the reasons why it’s so easy and get you on your way to building your website, so that you can get on and promote your site on Instagram.

So how do you create a website from scratch?

Gone are the scary times when you had to learn and understand code, web development and design. Business owners of yesteryear recoiled in horror at the thought of HTML, CSS, GUI and other programming language: “I’m running a business, not a translation service!” But those days are over with the advent of Content Management Systems (CMS), eliminating the need for people to learn and understand technical processes of building, editing and managing websites. 

There are plenty of providers out on the web (all with an online presence) who can help you create a website from scratch. Sites such as WIX and Squarespace hold 55% of the market say sitebuilderreport, but there are far more codeless tools out there on the web to help you get going without difficultly. One of the best things is that all the coding, complex structure and difficulty is done in the ‘back end’ or behind the scenes; meaning you don’t have to worry yourself about it. All you need to do is focus on getting yourself out there on the web in the best way you can!

If web creating is not for you, you can hire a Web Developer to create your site for you. Web Developers understand the technical language and how and where to build this site for you. The upside of using them means they also know how to set up email from your sites’ domain, user authentication (private members areas) and many other technical aspects. The downside to this is obviously cost and the fact they don’t know your business like you do so would have to interpret your specific site plan to the best of their skills. 

But how much does it cost to create a website from scratch?

The beauty of no-code web builders for building your personal website, is that you can get started, right now, for free! These subscription-free services will let you test your design skills and your vision for your website without any frightening upfront cost. You can even publish it with your web host’s default domain name for free. This is a great way to practice how you want your site to look and edit, edit, edit until you get it just right – as many times as you like – for free!

These website builders also come packed with clever functions such as flashy banners, payment sections and interactive media – again for free! This really allows you to show-off your potential skills and get the website just how you want it, created, designed and built all by yourself. You know your business and you know how you want it to be seen – you are your best asset in showing off your business to the world. 

Ok but is it hard to make a website from scratch?

“Lots of options, free to create, but is it too difficult for me to do?” The answer: no! The way in which these site builders are made is with the website creator in mind. Whatever your skill set, whether you are proficient on the web and have been for many years or you barely remember where the button for the internet is, these builders are built for you. Each of the functions of building your site has taken into consideration your possible limited skillset – this is why they are so popular. Simple drag-drop, enter text box here, insert picture there, it’s really easy to navigate and create. Websitebuilderexpert says that if you know your way around Microsoft Word then you will know your way around WIX. Because the functionality emulates that of the world’s most used word processing software, this allows for easy transition to creating your website from scratch using the builder site. 

Now you have chosen your site builder, here are some key elements to remember:

  • Content – How do you want your site to be received by the audience?

Make sure your website reads as your business – highlight your selling points, your uniqueness, your offer, your business.

  • Design – How do you stand out and make it easy for people to access the site?

Accessibility and ease of use to get to what the user wants is key. Making sure the site is fit for purpose and well-designed helps your business reputation and professionalism. A great way to choose a colour for your website is using this website colour guide which shows you the best colours for your type of business. A customer’s first impression counts, and your colour choice will affect how your content is viewed – so get it right from the very beginning!

  • Hosting – How secure is your website? Is it hosted with the technology, making sure it’s fast, reliable and secure?

Your business website needs someone to host it, which could even be you! Making sure the hardware is of the best quality, providing the fastest speeds and the most up-to-date, reliable technology can increase your online reputation as one of the best business sites on the web. Using a leading rackmount server ensures this happens and is a worthwhile investment for the longevity of your business. 

Overall, creating a website from scratch is no longer scary, time-consuming or difficult. It’s become one of the easiest things to do in promoting your business right, and you should start right now!

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