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Staying Fit At Work: Some Key Tips

Staying Fit At Work: Some Key Tips

If you’re trying to balance working hard to earn a living with being healthy enough to enjoy that living, then it can often seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day. No sooner have you got back from the office than it’s time to eat something; if you want to eat healthily there aren’t many swift options. So you may cook, but you’ll then have precious little time to work out. As a consequence, you need to be making the most of your working hours to stay fit.

Drinking water is an essential

There can’t be many offices anymore that don’t have a water cooler, and this is something you should absolutely make the most of during working hours. Without water, your body will not work smoothly through the processes needed to ensure you are nourished, healthy and even have a level of immunity. So take regular gulps of H2O and replenish your cup or bottle when finished.

Take a break once an hour to rest your eyes

Staring straight ahead might be the most obvious way to show you’re hard at work, but if you maintain that posture for too long you’ll be “hardly working” before too long. Too much screen time has negative effects for your eyesight and also is likely to damage your sleep patterns. Sleep is just as important as water in ensuring your body works, so don’t ignore it.

You don’t have to stay sitting down

Unless you need to be looking at specific information at a specific moment, you don’t have to be sat at your screen; you can get up and stretch your legs. Better yet, pick a standing desk as shown in the infographic below, and you’ll be able to look at the screen while standing up; you can even fit in a non-intensive workout, which is excellent for your joints.

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