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How Can The Construction Industry Improve Recycling

How Can The Construction Industry Improve Recycling

Everywhere you look, people are talking about the environment. There are calls from all four corners of the world to start recycling and avoid creating more waste. The research certainly seems to suggest that the more waste we produce, the quicker the planet will decline. 

Much of the blame falls on businesses, particularly those in the construction industry. Construction companies don’t do a lot to help avoid creating waste, and they most certainly add a lot to landfill sites. So, is there anything a construction company can do to start recycling and being more sustainable? Here are a few thoughts:

Re-use building materials

So many construction companies will mix materials and waste a lot of them. This happens when they misjudge how much of a certain material is required. Companies can improve recycling by re-using these scrap materials. This might be possible with a pugmill system, though it’s unsure if they can handle it right now. If you learn about pugmill systems, you’ll see that small versions are used to recycle scraps of clay. If an industrial system could be altered to recycle other materials on a larger scale, it would make a huge impact on the construction industry. Companies could mix cement and then re-use any of the scraps that weren’t needed. Thus, it reduces the waste being sent to the local landfill site. 

Separate site waste

Have you ever walked past a construction site? If so, you’ll see that they tend to have giant skips filled with all the waste materials. A huge percentage of these skips are probably full of recyclable materials. However, for the sake of speed, construction companies tend to just throw everything together and dispose of it. Improvements can definitely be made in this area to reduce waste and recycle more. All they have to do is separate building materials into what’s recyclable and what isn’t. You’ll be in awe of how many things could’ve been recycled this whole time!

Use recyclable materials

The previous point leads perfectly into this one! Construction companies should start using materials that can be recycled. Obviously, they have to make sure that this isn’t done to the detriment of building safety. For instance, you shouldn’t use materials that might compromise structural integrity and quality. Still, you’ll be surprised at how many building materials can be recycled. It was mentioned in the previous point, so construction companies should make an effort to look for these materials. It’s far easier to reduce waste and recycle more when you’re using materials that can be recycled. If 90% of your building materials are non-recyclable, none of the previous tips will help! It starts with smart choices when choosing how you’ll construct things. 

Tons of waste products are dumped in landfills every year by construction companies. This has a direct impact on the environment as it leads to an increase in carbon emissions. If you own a construction company, you should focus on reducing waste and recycling as much as possible. It can help you avoid disasters and contribute to a world that’s more sustainable and eco-conscious,

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