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Eight Top Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

Eight Top Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

Whether you’ve been dreaming of your perfect wedding dress since you were five years old and know exactly what you want, or never gave it very much thought until you were actually planning to get married, choosing your perfect wedding dress can be stressful. After all, most women have likely never tried one on before and it’s probably going to be the most expensive item of clothing that you’ll ever own. Add that to the pressure of finding a dress that you not only love but also fits you well and is comfortable for you to wear, and wedding dress shopping can certainly become a stressful experience. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips to help you out no matter your personal style, timeline or budget.

Do Your Research:

Before you hit the wedding dress shops, do some research to see what you like. Pinterest is a great place to start because you can quickly add any dresses that you love to a board and then check back to see if there are any common themes when it comes to the style that you tend to be drawn to the most. Flick through bridal magazines, check out online bridal boutiques, and get inspired by what celebrity brides and wearing to put together a visual of your favorite dresses and make it easier to know what to look for when you start seriously shopping. For more help go to this article on threadcurve.com

Be Open to Ideas:

The truth is that while you might have a set idea of what you think you might like in mind, that might all change when you try that style of dress on. It’s not uncommon for brides to be sure of what they want in a gown, only to try it on and realise that actually, they don’t love it when it’s on as much as they thought they would. You never know what might catch your eye when you are shopping for a wedding dress and you could end up wearing a style that you fall in love with even though you never would have considered it otherwise.

Prepare for Bridal Sizing:

Bridal sizing works a little differently to other clothing sizes so be ready for wearing a dress that’s one or two sizes higher than what you’d normally wear in your everyday clothes. Remember that this doesn’t really mean anything and it’s just the way wedding dress sizing works, so don’t be disheartened if you’ve been working hard to lose weight for your wedding and have to wear a bigger size of the wedding dress – it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ve gotten any bigger, and nobody needs to know your number except for you and the wedding dress fitter.

Shop for Your Current Size:

Many brides plan to lose weight for their wedding and if you are working out a lot and eating well then chances are you will be getting married in a smaller size. However, buying a smaller wedding dress that you don’t currently fit into will put even more pressure on you to lose weight for your big day so that you can fit into it, which isn’t welcome when you’re already going through all the stresses of planning a wedding. Instead, shop for dresses in your current size – if you do lose weight for your wedding day then it’s much easier to take a bigger dress in than make one that’s too small bigger.

Start Early:

To reduce some of the pressure of finding your perfect wedding dress it’s a good idea to start shopping as early as possible. This gives you plenty of time to browse online boutiques, book fitting appointments and try on a wide range of different dresses without the additional pressure of having to find one that you love in a short time-frame. And bear in mind that most wedding dresses will take a few months to be produced and you might need to allow some time for alternations and choosing the right accessories once you have the dress.

Figure Out Your Budget:

Having a firm budget in mind before you start your wedding dress shopping will ensure that you don’t end up heartbroken if you fall in love with a dress that’s way out of your price range. Before your first wedding dress fitting appointment, decide how much you are going to be willing to spend if you are purchasing the wedding dress yourself or discuss your budget with anybody who is paying for or helping you pay for the gown. If somebody else is paying, it’s important to get a firm budget beforehand so that you can narrow your gown choices down to ones that are affordable to them, or decide how much extra you’d be willing to pay if the dress that you want is over their budget.

Decide Your Wedding Theme:

Deciding on a wedding theme before you start shopping for wedding dresses will help you determine which type of dress is going to be the best choice. If you decide that you’re having a beach wedding or a casual outdoor wedding, for example, your choice of dress is likely going to be very different to one that you would wear for more formal nuptials. Keep your theme and venue in mind as you look for your perfect gown, as the last thing that you want is for your dress to clash with the rest of the wedding.

Find a Great Boutique:

Do some research before you start making appointments to avoid spending time at a bridal shop that doesn’t have any dresses that you like or has awful customer service. If you are looking for a wedding dress in Melbourne, you can browse the selection of wedding dresses available from The Sposa Group online before booking your appointment. The Sposa Group offers a range of boutiques carrying a gorgeous selection of designer wedding dresses with something for every bride.

Choosing your perfect wedding dress can be hard work, so keep these tips in mind to make finding your dream gown easier.

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