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How to Keep Your Business Premises Safe and Eco-Friendly

How to Keep Your Business Premises Safe and Eco-Friendly

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Keeping your business premises safe from burglary and vandalism is a priority for many business owners, particularly those with retail locations in public areas. No matter how good your insurance, being looted or vandalized causes stress and resolution issues that no one can afford, so the best policy is always avoidance. Yet many tried-and-tested security systems, though they function well, aren’t particularly eco-friendly. In this modern world, many people are trying to shift their business practices towards being more sustainable, planet-friendly, and part of the effort to halt climate change. So how can you keep your business premises safe whilst doing your bit to keep the world we live in safe as well?

Inside Lighting

If you’ve ever walked down a main street at night, you’ll have seen shop windows aglow with all their lights on inside. This isn’t because anyone is working late, and at first glance it can seem like a great waste of energy. However, keeping lights on is one of the best ways to deter thieves, as it denies them the cover of darkness. Most burglars are cowards; if there’s a greater chance of getting caught, they are less likely to bother. If you’re looking to keep your safety procedures eco-friendly, consider investing in energy-saving lightbulbs rather than switching the lights off entirely.

Outside Lighting

Similarly, outside lighting to illuminate the part of the street outside your premises can be a great way to ensure no one tries their luck at breaking into your property. Set up a few lights on the exterior of your building – for solar LED options, go here. These can also be a great fix for private commercial businesses as well as public shopfronts. Try putting them up in the parking lot to keep your employees safe at night. The solar energy ensures they take care of the environment, and they are also guaranteed to last for at least ten years, meaning you won’t have to keep getting replacements.

Solar Power

In general, solar power is a fantastic way to run your security features in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. Rather than taking energy from the main grid, dispersed by unsustainable global corporations, you will be creating the energy yourself. Solar power can create an initial investment cost, but it will then save you on electricity bills in the long run. It’s particularly good for anyone who lives or runs a business in a location that receives lots of sunlight – for obvious reasons! You can even get entire security systems that run off solar energy, so don’t delay.


Some use of energy and materials when you set up your security system is inevitable. However, you can mitigate the environmental costs of that by ensuring you buy a system that is set to last. Cheap security options will only need replacing after a few years, increasing the strain on the environment and on your wallet. Instead, pay attention to which systems last the longest as one of your key criteria, and you’ll be making choices that reflect your business ethos and your needs.

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