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DIY Dad: Essential Tools You Need in Your Toolbox Right Now

DIY Dad: Essential Tools You Need in Your Toolbox Right Now

Image by Maxim Kazachkov from Pixabay

The DIY industry is growing rapidly that by 2021, it is expected to be worth $13.9 billion! While people have been DIY-ing for years, it’s the internet that has increased its popularity in recent years. If you fancy yourself as a handyman who likes to make home repairs or any upgrades, then you have arrived at the right place. For a beginner, the most common question is, “What tools do I need?” This article will serve as a guide on how to find the right equipment to stock your toolbox. 

Spirit Level

A spirit level is a tool designed to help you know whether a surface is accurately parallel or perpendicular. This device gets its name thanks to the mineral spirit solution found inside the instrument. They are excellent tools to use, especially when you are installing shelves in your children’s rooms or are building a deck in your backyard. There are many spirit level types available on the market, so you will need to ensure that you purchase the best one for optimum results. You can look for levels whose vials are unbreakable and can withstand cold weather, as well as static electricity. Of course, you must also purchase one that gives you the most accurate readings. The last thing you need is a wonky finished job. 

Tape Measure

No matter the kind of repairs or renovations you are making, you will most likely need a tape measure. There are four major types of tape measures that you will need depending on the kind of task at hand. Cased tape measures are typically used for building and crafting, especially when setting up shelves or pictures on the wall. The standard cased tape measure can be as long as 25 feet. Professional engineers and builders use open-reel tape measures; its design makes it easier for you to accurately gauge ground distances. These types of tape measures are between 25 and 500 feet long. 

If you want to measure rounded items such as columns, you can opt for a diameter tape or the D-Tape. D-Tapes come in various lengths and can be as short as 12 inches or as long as 50 feet. Finally, for sewing projects, you will need sewing tape, mainly because its design allows it to be more flexible. These types come in different lengths from the standard 60 inches to 120 inches.

Glue Gun

The glue gun is incredibly useful for those quick repairs. It is a device that heats up and melts solid glue or cyanoacrylate sticks. Once it has been dissolved, the glue is shot out of an attached nozzle and onto the object to either hold it in place or stick to another object. When purchasing a glue gun, several factors come to play such as its size, trigger feed, as well as its energy consumption. Additionally, you can easily purchase hot glue or cyanoacrylate sticks online or contact your cyanoacrylate manufacturer to see if they have any available. 

There are several other devices for your starter tool kit that you can check out and build your essential collection. Soon, you will well be on your way to becoming a DIY professional! 

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