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Six Tips to Protect Your Business From Fire Disasters

Six Tips to Protect Your Business From Fire Disasters

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Fire is among the leading causes of property damage. It can also result in costly disasters for small businesses. Each year, fire damages about 10 percent of small businesses, and with the high cost of a fire claim, you need to protect your business from any of such occurrences.

Although there’s a reduced risk due to modern safety regulations, fires still pose a major threat. Small fires can quickly become fatal, especially if you aren’t prepared. Hence, it would help if you protect your business by training your employees on emergency protocol and fire safety tips, properly maintaining every piece of equipment, and ensuring that each workspace is clutter-free. Here are fire prevention tips you can use to protect your business.

Regularly Inspect and Clean Equipment

Faulty equipment can easily cause electrical fires. Ensure all your equipment and machines are in good working condition and turn them off when you’re not using them. Conduct regular cleaning of your equipment and tools to ensure they are safe to use and functioning correctly.

Maintain and Inspect Fire Extinguishers

Ensure to regularly inspect and maintain every fire extinguisher according to the fire code in your locality, and train every employee on how to operate them. Several individuals have never used a fire extinguisher. By offering basic training, you’ll be saving workers’ lives and properties during a fire incident.

Reduce Clutter

Ensure your workspace is clutter-free. Piles of paper, boxes, and other combustible items can provide fuel during a fire incident. Also, keep your electrical appliances (such as coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, and more) away from fuel sources like gas and paper. And give your computers and similar equipment enough space to allow air to circulate and keep them cool.

Maintain Outdoor Spaces

Several businesses face the risk of fire disasters, which isn’t due to the things they do, but their location. Due to the dry vegetation in an arid climate, some areas can be vulnerable to wildfires during summer. If you have a business located in a forested or dry area, take proper protective steps. In areas susceptible to wildfire, keep bush and trees from growing close to your building. 

Install a Fire Suppression or Fire Sprinkler System

While a fire alarm system is essential for every business, you can also consider installing a fire suppression system or a sprinkler system — several local jurisdictions also make this a requirement in commercial buildings. Scientists invented AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foams) in fire suppression systems to fight oil fires. These systems help to control fires before the arrival of the fire department.

Have an Exit Plan

Evacuation and emergency plans are essential to prevent any further issues or damages during a fire incident. It’s vital that if one is calling for help, they understand what steps to take and how to access the building address easily.

 Get your employees to practice fire drills while creating an emergency exit strategy. Ensure the emergency exit doors are well-lit and have the proper signage. Employees should have access to a minimum of two exits. Conduct regular inspection of stairwells to ensure no items are blocking them. 


Prevention of fire outbreaks in your business is better than controlling it. Keeping these tips in mind will help you stay alert, act fast, and better protect your business, workers, properties, and clientele.

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