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5 Resources To Help Your Business Become More Green

5 Resources To Help Your Business Become More Green

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Many businesses share the common goal of going greener and giving back to the planet. When you make sustainability part of your CSR efforts, you’ll do wonders for your reputation and your profitability too. To help your business to become more green, try these resources, for both support and education.

1 . Ecosia App

Ecosia is a tech company that supports businesses and other Internet users, to help the planet. When you use Ecosia, your searches help the organization to plant trees, consequently reducing the impact of climate change. So how does it work? Well, it’s pretty simple, Ecosia takes its profits, and uses these to plant trees, where they are needed the most!  Ecosia plants millions of trees in threatened biodiversity spots, every month. 

To go greener as a business, simply switch your search engines to Ecosia. Another huge advantage of using Ecosia lies in the privacy regulations. The company is not concerned with your data, just the planet. They won’t sell your data, and they will ensure that searches remain SSL-encrypted.

2. Joulebug Enterprise App

The Joulebug Enterprise is an application designed to help employees improve the planet, the community, and themselves! The app provides plenty of competitive challenges that co-workers can take part in. Here staff can earn points, set collective goals, and plan green projects. The newsfeed is a great place to share progress, and keep everyone motivated. Using Joulebug you can create a greener business, engage your team, and set personal development goals.

3. GreenBiz 350 Podcast 

GreenBiz 350 is a great podcast that delves behind the latest headlines and news in green business. Tune in to get original interviews and stories, covering a wide range of topics, including climate change, sustainable supply chains, clean technologies, and renewable energies. Previous episodes have tackled topics such as ‘celebrating the sustainability profession’, ‘responsible mining’, and ‘banking for the planet’. If you’re looking to get more clued up on the world of green-business, there’s plenty of content here to inspire.

4. Sustainababble Podcast

Are you looking to learn more about sustainability? Hoping that you can use these insights to support your green-business efforts? If you want to learn, but you’re tired of heavily serious content, be sure to tune in to Sustainababble. It’s a comedy podcast, with plenty of industry knowledge, and in-depth insights. You’ll be laughing and learning at the same time!

5. Sustainable Business Magazine 

Sustainable Business Magazine is an industry publication that focuses on sustainable company initiatives and development. Here you’ll find features on new projects, technologies, policies, events, and news. Both the online and the in-print version focus on three areas of green business. These areas include social sustainability, environmental sustainability, and economic sustainability. There are plenty of helpful topics to explore, including, ‘helping your sustainable business to stand out online’.

Going green as a business doesn’t need to be complex. Even a few adjustments around your office can have an impact. Switch all your lighting to LED (whether it’s your smaller 0603 smd led, or your large lights outside your building)! Use energy-saving appliances, water-conserving taps, and improve your recycling and waste management policies.

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