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5 Waste Management Ideas For Your Company

5 Waste Management Ideas For Your Company

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Business leaders understand that creating waste is not only bad for the environment but also bad for profits. If you want to go green and save money you’ve got to create a solid waste management strategy, to help you to do this, try taking on board these five waste management ideas.

1 . Frequently schedule waste audits

A waste audit is a survey that assesses the waste that you are producing. First, waste auditors will visit your business and inspect your waste, the next step is to analyze the associated data. The purpose is to establish what is being thrown away, and what’s being recycled. Your waste auditor will gather data including, the volume and weight of waste, and type of waste. With the help of a waste audit, you can establish the weakness in your waste management processes, and use them to make improvements. A waste audit can also help you to meet certification standards.

2. Try green apps

If you want to improve your waste reduction processes, you may like to check out an eco-friendly app like iRecycle, this application can help your company to find recycling centers and recycling options in your local area. All you have to do is type in what you need to recycle, and you’ll find info about the processes, legalities, and centers.

3. Improve your recycling schemes

As well as checking out iRecycle, there are several ways other that you can look to improve your recycling schemes. First off, you might want to add more recycling bins to your office. Generally speaking, the easier you make it to recycle, the more likely people are to do it! As well as this, you might like to give your employees more incentive to recycle, by using challenges and competitors. To take things a step further, choose items for your office that are made from recycled materials.

4. Waste management software

To create a better waste management process, you might like to use waste management software. One example of a popular waste management tool is Waste Logics. The tool can help you to access insights, reduce risk, and save money. Using Waste Logics you can create bookings, offer great customer service, and assess the performance of your company. The software offers many tools which can help you to improve your waste management processes. With the right software you can improve efficiency in the warehouse and throughout the rest of your business.

5. Take a lean approach

Leaning manufacturing is a production process designed to generate less waste. The idea is that waste can occur due to mistakes or defects, transport issues, overproduction, storage issues, and wasted time. Lean principles take a close look at production processes and aim to reduce waste at every stage. If you’re serious about reducing waste it’s important to source the best tools and well the best materials. Whether you need surface broaching tools or packaging materials, be sure that you find the best suppliers, to find the best quality.

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