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The Train Industry Has Come Far, And The Future Is Here

The Train Industry Has Come Far, And The Future Is Here

The sustainability of trains within the public sector has long been a topic up for debate. Trains are convenient, often smart and clean. They are well looked after and most often they run on time. As we see the world change its views on sustainable business and travel, will this affect the industry completely? Trains and subways are quick easy forms of travel that are run worldwide. But how do they cope with the sustainability factor?

Subways are good for urban traffic, and reduce general air pollution because people who travel by train do not travel in the polluting private car. But in the train tunnels themselves, the air is not clean at all. A 2000 study found in London’s tube tunnels very high levels of particulate matter in the air, up to 20 times the mass and concentration and up to 70 times the number compared to a nearby building. Other studies have found no link between multiple tubes travel and morbidity, but Clean Air for London claims that particle levels found in London are higher than those found in Barcelona, Paris and Milan. And with all due respect to the attempt to reduce air pollution, the Tube is the largest electricity consumer in London, and one of the top 10 consumers in the UK. Newer trains are also more energy efficient, but replacing carriages and locomotives is an expensive affair that will take years.

If you learn about trains in more detail, such as some of your hobbies lie within this sector, you will learn about their construction and history, to give you better insight.  

The future of modern trains in business 

In 2021 and beyond, it will be vital to operate your train network while maintaining competitiveness, using products designed to provide maximum reliability and easy maintenance, even in harsh terrain conditions. And rely on our innovation, support and engineering services in favor of custom train solutions in order to improve your train design, increase productivity and optimize investment. We are seeing the beginning of a Green Industrial Revolution and whilst this may sound scary at first thought, it will provide cleaner travel for all and a better future for the next generations. 

Focusing on safety and security also means that it is not enough to comply with the stringent regulations, but also to move the industry forward towards a more secure and sustainable future. Our expertise in mission-critical applications, our technologies designed for this purpose, our global retirement with the help of local support and our complete range of services – all of these enable us to help you reach your goals. 
Whilst at the moment, this all seems slow moving; there are going to be more developmental ideas relating to the progression of green trains.  Right now, trains emit between 66 and 75 percent less carbon. This will likely lower as new technologies come to fruition but there is a way to go yet. Being aware of these changes and either as a business or an individual, you can start to see the future of trains and how they may impact our daily travel lives and travel to far- flung destinations. The future is at our fingertips.

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