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How an e-commerce marketplace can transform the way you procure electronic parts

How an e-commerce marketplace can transform the way you procure electronic parts

Does your electronic component supplier really meet all your expectations? As an OEM within a demanding industry, your parts distributor should be as dedicated and as flexible as you are. Doing all they can to get you the parts you need, as quickly as possible at the best price available. Sadly, this is where many businesses falter. By placing your business in the hands of traditional component suppliers, you could be undermining the success of your company. Just one of the reasons more OEMs than ever are turning to e-commerce options.

Here we’ll explore how an e-commerce marketplace can transform the way you procure electronic parts.

Incredible convenience

In the past, the procurement of electronic parts would involve comparing prices between dozens of suppliers, sifting through numerous catalogues, making phone call after phone call, jumping from one website to another or heading to physical stores and placing an order that could take weeks to be delivered. Today, manufacturers of electronic parts can enjoy a wholly streamlined experience with an e-commerce marketplace. With millions of products to choose from, available from over 3,000 fully vetted suppliers, you’ll no longer have to reach out to numerous suppliers and wait for them to answer your enquiries.

Instead, you can order everything you need with just one click, schedule your delivery and get on with running your business.

Manageable costs

Keeping costs low isn’t easy, whether you’re an established firm trying to boost your profit margin or you’re a startup that’s wary of overstretching your budget, keeping your procurement costs low is a difficult balance to get right. Often the inconvenience of searching for electric components means we can overlook deals or lower prices offered elsewhere. However, when you switch to an e-commerce marketplace, you’ll not only enjoy a broader range of products, but can compare prices on millions of electronic components, instantly. Keeping within your budget has never been easier, which means making better financial choices and spending that money elsewhere.  

Be in better control of your deliveries

Once you’ve ordered your chosen parts, having them delivered and arriving on time is your next hurdle. Before, you’d be at the mercy of your chosen supplier and once your order left their warehouse, all you could do was hope your order would arrive. Moving away from traditional suppliers and using an e-commerce marketplace, means being able to schedule multiple deliveries for each order. Step-by-step notifications mean that you’re constantly kept up to date of the progress of your order, keeping yourself and your clients informed. With an e-commerce marketplace, production can continue, uninterrupted.

And finally, stronger peace of mind

Do you find yourself returning to the same suppliers again and again out of a sense of loyalty? Despite longevity of use and providing you with the same service each time, what else do they provide you with? Does using your current provider really give you peace of mind? Some companies get peace of mind from the familiar, however that trust is much better placed in an e-commerce marketplace, where OEMs like you can enjoy a 3-year warranty with every product and be rest assured that every vendor has gone through a strict vetting process, complete with fully traceable electronic components. How does your current supplier compare?

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