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Make Your Home Safer For Your Kids Using These Tips

Make Your Home Safer For Your Kids Using These Tips

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It is safe to assume that every loving parent wants to create a happy and loving environment for their kids to grow in. Every loving parent also wants their home to be a haven for their little ones. It is crucial to keep in mind that thousands of children are injured or even die due to accidents at home every year. As painful as this fact is, it is even more unfortunate knowing that most (if not all) of such accidents at home can be prevented with the right safety measures. So, are you concerned about the safety of your little ones? Do you want to avoid home accidents? Then consider the following tips.

Keep firearms and other harmful stuff away

Basically, almost anything at home can be a potential source of harm. But parents need to ensure that they keep firearms away from reach all the time. They also need to make sure that they observe all the required safety measures on handgun to prevent accidents. Thousands of children lose their lives every year as a result of gun-related accidents at home. And that is more than enough reason for every parent to keep firearms out of sight at home. 

Additionally, depending on where you live or the circumstances involved, your child can be at risk of being a minor in possession of firearms when unaccompanied by a guardian.

Prevent potential causes of burns and scalds

Always ensure that you keep your little ones away from fire and hot surfaces. Keep your eyes on children whenever they’re helping you in the kitchen, and ensure that your toddler stays away from the kitchen as much as possible. Also, keep the little ones away from appliances like heaters, microwaves, ovens, and stoves, as these can easily cause burns. 

Too hot baths and hot drinks easily cause scalds. Therefore, always check the bath water temperature before and ensure that it falls within 37 to 38 degrees Celsius. 

Prevent potential drowning

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental deaths among children. Unfortunately, drowning is not limited to swimming pools alone. Bathtubs, hot tubs, toilet bowls, and even buckets are all potential causes of this preventable accident. Ensure that you never leave your little one unattended in the bathtub or near any body of water at home, no matter how small it is. Always leave your toilet bowls closed if you have a toddler at home. Furthermore, provide fences around your swimming pools. You can also opt for a gate alarm, a safety cover, or even both.

Keep all cleaning materials and chemicals away

Kids, especially toddlers, are very curious little creatures, ready to taste almost anything that catches their attention. All forms of household cleaning products are potentially poisonous when swallowed. Therefore, always make sure that you keep such products properly locked away and out of sight. Be sure to install cabinets that come with locks to store such products. Also, it is best to install such cabinets well above the reach of these curious little hands.

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