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3 Types of Disasters You Won’t Forsee!

3 Types of Disasters You Won’t Forsee!

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When it comes to protecting your business, knowing about disasters is half the battle. When a company is up and running, it tends to stay in operation until a massive event stops it. Ultimately, businesses that stop will have suffered a cataclysmic event, but sometimes, they will suffer a gradual decline and this is down to a variety of external and internal issues that compromise the integrity. While some disasters can be avoided, the best way to prepare yourself is to know certain types of disasters that a business may not be able to see.


This is something that comes in a wide variety of forms and it is likely that you won’t see it coming. Being defrauded is usually something that occurs at the roots level. You could find yourself vulnerable to fraud through a partnership or customer interaction. As businesses get bigger, it makes you less susceptible to fraud, but internal fraud can also creep up at this point. You may find employees abusing your trust. There are things that you can do to offset this, such as having strict security measures and having an IT support company help you with your IT infrastructure. But the best method of protecting yourself against internal fraud is about showing your employees the consequences of their actions. 

Intellectual Property Lawsuits 

Many companies do not consider what an intellectual property lawsuit can do to their business until the wheels are fully in motion. Intellectual property lawsuits are unexpected disasters because they occur when you are doing something that you don’t consider is wrong. It’s not necessarily about copying an idea that already exists, but it could be as simple as using an image in your blog without having permission. These lawsuits can cost a lot of money, especially when you are dealing with larger companies. It’s vital to make sure you are staying on the right side of the law by working with an intellectual property lawyer and checking your work to make sure you are using intellectual property properly.

Interruptions in Cash Flow 

When your business needs to survive, you may find yourself digging deeper into your finances. It’s a common problem that startups face at the outset. Cash flow is a different entity to the bottom line. And even if your business is making money, there could be one simple and expected expense that could send your finances into a state of disrepair. If you are ever in this position, you cannot underestimate the importance of outside help. Financial authorities and institutions that can help you with your cash flow problems are always around, but this doesn’t provide you with the lessons. Rather than bailing yourself out every single time you go into the red, it is more beneficial for you to realize the error of your ways. But cash flow interruptions can be pretty hairy situations. Make sure that you learn your lessons, whether this is in making sure that your contracts are more finely worded or addressing the cash flow process, these will make a massive difference to your overall business efficacy.

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