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Death Wish Coffee: The World’s Smoothest

Death Wish Coffee: The World’s Smoothest

From the time my mom would give me taste of her decaf Sanka when I was a little kid, I have been addicted… eh… I mean in love with coffee. As a teen, I would sneak out of school to that orange doughnut chain and grab some Joe every day. And after 50 years of drinking the liquid beans, I can say that I have the experience and the knowledge to know what great coffee is. Let me state for the record, great coffee is not bought from a commercial brewer in a retail store with and orange or brown motif.

The best coffee you can get comes from fresh roasted, Fair Trade (if you have a conscience), and organic (if you care about your health) coffee beans. To make the best coffee you need a French press (or pour-over device), a burr grinder, and water that is no more than 200°F. Actually, if you aren’t a coffee snob like me, you can use a high quality coffee maker and that will do. I was lucky enough to get exactly that kind of coffee from Death Wish Coffee, to give a test drive.

I order and received a lovely gift package with Death Wish Medium Roast (whole bean of course) coffee. Their slogan says for this coffee blend, “A Lighter Side of Bold.” Quite frankly it was a relief because I don’t care for burnt coffee flavor that you see in commercial coffees claiming to be “Strong.” And you know which commercial coffee house that begins with the letter “S” I am referring too.

Death Wish Coffee Unboxing

So, I whipped out my grinder, my French press and made myself some afternoon brew. When I opened the vacuum bag of beans, I immediately noticed the smooth and saturated coffee smell and that the beans were NOT over roasted. Many medium roast coffees come on the darker side and they end up giving that bitter or burnt taste. I believe it’s a result of not having control of their roasting process.

I am enjoying that cup as I write this, so not only is the coffee fresh, so are my impressions. This is a great tasting coffee, and dare I say the smoothest coffee I can remember having – maybe even the world’s smoothest! The complex flavors are saturated but not bitter and there is no sour after taste. I could taste the hints of caramel and roasted peanuts, notes of stone fruit and smooth dark chocolate. The Death Wish website says this blend is made from beans from Ethiopia, India, and Peru. Having personally tasted single-origin coffee from each of those regions, I can understand why this coffee has such a bold and complex flavor. My only concern is whether they can keep this complex blend consistent over time. There is low acidify so those of us who suffer from occasional heartburn, should find this coffee a great choice.

Death Wish Medium Roast Coffee Taste Test

Whether you are stuck at home or working remote, this coffee you can enjoy day-in and day -out and never get tired of it, since it’s flavors are highly complex. I am very excited to have found a new regular joe to enjoy and add to my very select stable of coffees I can highly recommend. Death Wish Coffee: The World’s Smoothest coffee. You should go a get yourself some today.

The Specs:

  • Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast is made from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia, India and Peru  
  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade to ensure you’re getting the highest-quality beans available 
  • Low in acidity without removing strength or flavor 
  • 100% natural—we use no artificial additives or ingredients, so you know exactly what’s in each cup of coffee—just strong, high-quality coffee beans 
  • Available in ground or whole bean 

You Can Order Death Wish Coffee Here

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