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Make a Good First Impression with Office Interior Design

Make a Good First Impression with Office Interior Design

Photo by Marc Mueller from Pexels

Even though we are in a stasis of working from home, what will happen when offices slowly open? What will happen when we need to stop doing business over the phone but face to face (socially distanced correctly). Human beings are known to make snap decisions about other people and places. This is known as the ‘Caveman’ instinct; we assess people quickly to see if they are safe or not. In a business context, this can set the tone for future interactions. 

When you invite potential customers, clients, future employees into your office for the first time, the same dynamic is at work. It’s not just you who needs to create an excellent first impression; your office and workspace also have to. How your office is decorated and fitted out implicitly gives out messages about the kind of company you are. So, office interior design is more important than simply looking good; it is one of the first ways people will take their cues about what matters to your business. Building a space conducive for owners, employees, and customers is no longer considered a luxury; it’s a necessity. So, here is how to create an office space that brings an excellent first impression. 

Space Management:

It is imperative to manage your space. Therefore it is purposeful and effective, target the number of workers within the corporate office, what quantity of storeroom space you wish, what number of cabins are needed for their placements optimally. Place the workstations per the provision, maybe use one table in the centre so 3 – 4 workers can sit around that table, and there’s a motion of teamwork there. 


Corporate branding is vital. If you want to present a consistent message about your company, inside and outside the office, you brand your website, advertising products, so why not brand your office too? Focus your primary colours around your brand, create feature walls and add attractive features to the area. Having your logo plastered on notebooks, pens, the walls, and the mat as the clients walk in is great! That sort of promotional value is fantastic because then the client remembers you. There is no need to shy away from having a blown up logo printed onto a wall or frosted on to a pane of glass.  For example, why not use Entry Mats with your logo on them? Mats that fit your space and create a message as soon as the client or customer walks in, they know that you care about your business; ultimatemats.com understands that this is vital to creating a good impression. It is your unique logo and branding, and it is yours to do what you want with it. 


A workplace should be light, mainly by natural light.  Using windows can brighten up the workplace and let in the fresh air. Use trending lighting choices accessible within the market, which will raise the general ambience of your workplace.

Purchase Artwork:

Suppose you want to project the most confident and modern image possible of your firm. In that case, using local art galleries or looking online to find interesting original works by some of the most popular up and coming artists could be a good move. Thousands don’t need to be spent, but don’t just opt for the cheapest pieces and look for something that matches the office’s overall aesthetic. 

Consider Glass Office Partitions:

One of the best ways to keep an office up to date with the modern world by introducing more glass. If it works for glass-fronted skyscrapers, then it can work here. It maximises the amount of natural lighting whilst also creating a more open workspace and keeping an element of privacy. It is an excellent alternative to solid walls and doors for dividing an office and creating private areas for meetings. It does not disrupt the overall design of the office, but it enhances it. 

Photo by David from Pexels

Create Break Out Spaces:

While an office is thankfully branching away from just desks and computers, it is also suitable for workers to break away from the office environment. If the client can see that you are implementing this, they will have more respect for your ethos and business. Helping your workers break away from the office environment and have a different space for the creative juices to flow. A break out space doesn’t just mean somewhere to chill out and have lunch, but it can aid productivity with the chance to work away from the computer. 

The great thing about break out spaces is the freedom to design them however you want them to look; there is no need to keep them formal; there’s an opportunity to make them as fun and creative as possible for a cooler, more modern environment. 

Invest in Amazing Furniture:

As with everything, if you buy cheap, you buy twice. So invest in good quality furniture that will last a long time. Office furniture is used day in and day out and will show wear and tear after time. Replacing it every few months is an added nightmare no one needs. So invest in good quality furniture that fits the aesthetic!

Organisation is Key:

Suppose you have only a tiny space to work. It’s essential to keep it minimal. Utilise the space to include storage space to hide any clutter and to avoid it looking overcrowded. Some great modern storage and shelving solutions can be installed to organise any mess and act as a display unit for essential items. Don’t just think boring cupboards; think outside of the box. A small space with many people can quickly become untidy, and you do not want this when a new client comes. 

Finishing Touches:

It is the smaller things that make the most significant difference. If you are leaning towards a more minimal, clean look, it might just be those few colorful plant pots cleverly displayed on shelving cubicles that add the finishing touch. It is worth taking time to focus on the small touches to bring everything together in the end. 

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