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6 Marketing Essentials To Drive Growth In 2021

6 Marketing Essentials To Drive Growth In 2021

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Entrepreneurs need great marketing strategies, to help their companies to succeed. There are so many different marketing tactics to choose from, so how do you know where to start? When you’re determining your marketing strategies, you’ll need to closely consider your audience. For example, some social platforms are more popular amongst certain demographics. To drive growth in 2021, bear in mind these 6 marketing essentials.

1. Demand Generation

To make a success of your marketing this year, it’s important to focus on demand generation. The term b2b demand generation means adopting a marketing strategy that creates demand for your products. The idea is to get people excited about your offerings and ensure that they enjoy your content. The tactic is useful because it can help you to create a sales pipeline of prospects. The first step is to define audiences who will engage with the message. The second stage is to lead prospects through your sales funnel.

2 . Optimize For Core Web Vitals

Google launched a page experience update in May, the update focuses on ‘Core Web Vitals’ metrics. These metrics work by measuring load time, content quality, and interactivity. Such metrics will affect page rankings, and so brands need to optimize for these. To optimize for CVW you need to ensure that your website is as user-friendly as possible. Slow loading times or difficult layout will negatively affect your Core Web vitals.

3. Marketing Support Tools

To improve the quality of your marketing, brands need the right marketing support tools. There are plenty to choose from depending on your needs. To save your company money, you might like to check out these free marketing tools.

  • Crazy Egg: Using this CRO tool you can gain valuable insights about user behavior. Crazy Egg includes origin tracking features, heat mapping features, and analytics. With the help of the software, you can increase your conversion rate.
  • FreshSales: With this CRM tool you can monitor your customer interactions, and offer an improved customer experience. The software helps you to chase leads, and offers features for lifecycle management.

From content creation to SEO and graphics, there are plenty of free tools out there. Before you purchase paid software, it’s well worth checking out the freebies.

4. Customer Retention 

Of course, you’ll want to gain new customers, but it’s also important to retain the customers you have. There are many ways that you can improve customer retention including:

  • Improve UX: If you want to retain customers it’s important to offer and improve your user experience. You can do this by focusing on the interactivity of your site, and by providing chatbots.
  • Contact after a purchase: You should keep in touch with your customers once they’ve made a purchase. You might ask for feedback, and use this data to improve.
  • Loyalty Schemes: To retain your customers, it’s a good idea to offer loyalty schemes and discounts.

5. Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is a great way to boost sales and offer extra value. You might use many different methods, whether it’s polls, quizzes, games, or interactive videos. You can use interactive content to collect data, to improve your marketing. Providing interactive content can help you to access the following benefits:

  • Improved engagement: Whether it’s a contest or video marketing, interactive marketing is the best way to improve engagement.
  • Boost conversions: Once you’ve got the attention of your users, it’s easier to boost conversions.
  • Qualified leads: With the help of interactive marketing you can use questions that focus on quality leads.
  • Gain feedback: Interactive content can help you to gain feedback, and you can use this to improve your products.

6. Social Responsibility 

To improve your marketing, you need to let your audience know about your CSR efforts. Consumers expect brands to behave in a socially responsible manner. They want eco-friendly products, and brands with positive values. Whether it’s politically or socially, you need to demonstrate philanthropic initiatives. Social media is a great place to focus on social responsibility. You might share details of charities you support or info about your ethically sourced products. Marketing studies show that consumers are actually willing to pay more for earth-friendly products.

Growing your business is all about standing out from the crowd. Define what’s unique about your company, and ensure that you put this across in your marketing. Keep an eye on the marketing strategies of your competitors. Focusing on your competitors is the best way to stay one step ahead.

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