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What Could Speed Up A Construction Project?

What Could Speed Up A Construction Project?

Managers who are seeking to make their construction projects go faster, are not short of options to make this happen. They can start off at the site itself. Making the site safe, better for the employees and having great communication between it and the office, are just a few of the ways we’ll focus on. But why speed up in the first place? You might be short for time. The number one most popular reason for needing projects to speed up is, you simply don’t have time. The client has asked for it to be finished sooner, there may have been delays or you simply have taken on such a project. Let’s now look at ways to get a construction project done faster while not sacrificing safety.

Make the site better

The employees are the force that will make the project go faster. Focussing on their wants and practical needs is the first group of things to consider. 

  • Get portable toilet rental service so your employees don’t have to leave the site in order to have nature’s relief. The service only provides portable toilets that have been rinsed and sanitized. 
  • Make sure that some kind of extra clothing is available for them, just in case it is cold one morning. Having a few extra pairs of gloves or a couple of wooly jumpers at the site, would help.
  • If it starts to rain, your employees should be able to continue working, so a portable awning would also help.
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Two of everything

Tools don’t often break but it’s very possible at any given time. It would be helpful to have more than two or three of each tool always close by just in case. If a worker’s hammer breaks, they can always come to the on-site office or equipment truck/locker to grab a new one and get back to the task. But more than one of each tool is not as costly as more than one of the equipment. This is where managerial planning comes in. Decide what tasks are the most important and pose the most risk should they falter, and the equipment needed for the completion of the task. If it’s a saw or perhaps a drill, have an extra in the equipment locker just in case it stops working.

Employee wants

If employees would like great say in the task, allow them to offer advice on how it could be improved. Taking suggestions from employees as a manager is a great way to get them to care about the project and how it could be done. Feeling more connected to their work can only help on the speed and efficiency front. If employees want to begin sooner in the day, it would help to plan the week’s tasks ahead so this is achievable. This could mean that employees can check out sooner in the day which could boost morale.

Speeding up any project, let alone a construction project is tough for any manager. However, these are some ways that have been known to work, so give them a try and see how much quicker your project finishes. 

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