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Improve The Look Of Your Business’ Curbside Appeal

Improve The Look Of Your Business’ Curbside Appeal

The use of terraces throughout the year is gaining more and more popularity, as customers enjoy spending time outdoors! The trend is indeed to open-air catering. The boundaries between the interior and the exterior are increasingly blurred as the two spaces merge. The outdoor space is no longer reserved only for smokers but is considered an extension of the restaurant. It is thus possible to add tables and receive more customers. In addition to creating well-appointed outdoor spaces, this trend can also improve your bottom line: you just need to follow a few rules. Smoothen your paving with asphalt paving company, change your windows with new frames. 

Adapt to the seasons

Establishments with a nicely landscaped outdoor space want their customers to be able to enjoy it all year round. It is therefore necessary to take seasonality into account when planning your outdoor space. It is not enough to add blankets to the chairs and equip the service team with warm jackets when it is cold. The furniture must be able to withstand winter and bad weather! Auxiliary heaters give your customers the opportunity to sit comfortably outside even in cold weather. Make sure to provide sufficient protection during the warmer months, in case of unforeseen weather conditions. An outdoor area well protected from the elements can save you up to 80 additional days of use of your terrace, thus making the investments profitable. Unlike a traditional open-air brasserie, this trend favors an open-air lounge environment. Patio furniture is becoming more similar to the furniture inside, both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Particularly appreciated, the outdoor lounge furniture can be used to define different outdoor spaces for dining, relaxation or at the bar. Comfortable furniture transforms the terrace of your establishment into a living room and creates a warm atmosphere. As a general rule, the more comfortably your customers sit, the longer they will stay and the more your business sales will increase!

For the arrangement of the outdoor space, a combination of styles can be considered: modern and clean shapes can be combined with different materials and decorative objects. Outdoor rugs and decorative cushions can complete the layout of your outdoor space and transform it into a real space of well-being. The layout of your outdoor space must be in continuity with that of your indoor space, in order to create a fluid transition between each of them. Stay true to your style so that your outdoor space fits perfectly into your concept. When planning the layout of your outdoor space, determining how to satisfy your customers is essential. Requirements vary greatly depending on the size and design of your facility.  In addition, comfortable seating is more important in the outdoor space of a restaurant than in a café, since customers usually stay there longer. If your establishment is open from breakfast until Happy Hour, consider offering different seating choices to satisfy all preferences: a lounge area for coffee or cocktail lovers, comfortable chairs and large tables for longer meals.

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