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Don’t Leave a Bad Taste! The 4 Key Components to Running a Bar

Don’t Leave a Bad Taste! The 4 Key Components to Running a Bar

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A bar is a place for everything, for friends to gather, relatives to toast loved ones gone, and for people to go on dates. So, as a business, it is naturally a very lucrative idea. But sometimes, businesses can get a little stuck. Obviously now as life is slowly returning to normal, we may have a lot to catch up on, but it’s worth addressing some of the more common challenges that affect bars and restaurants.

Are You Focused on the Guest? 

A bar or restaurant environment is only as good as the ambiance it cultivates. In any business, a great culture is created by the people in charge. You may think that it’s an easy thing to achieve, because ultimately, all you need is furniture for your bar, a few drinks, and music, and hey presto, you are automatically creating an environment! But you have to be aware that there is a lot more at stake. For example, hiring people that have that all-important hospitality mindset can make the guests’ evening flow seamlessly. You’ve got to set a solid example for the experience of your guest. And this means leading by example.

Addressing Your Role

When you are in charge of a bar or restaurant, there is a big difference between being a leader and being a boss. Anybody can be a boss because they feel that they’ve just got to shout loud enough to get people to do their bidding. This is where you have to start addressing your own abilities as a leader. Leaders don’t just give orders, they build trust, they challenge, not to mention inspire. Building a team with a leadership mindset will yield a better business.

Focusing on the Undercurrent of Efficiency

Think about it from the perspective of a guest; if they see there is absolute chaos behind the scenes, this doesn’t inspire, and it slowly turns people off your business. It is surprising to find how many bars or restaurants do not conduct efficient stock checks and inventories. But this is where you can maximize productivity. If you want to make for an efficient business you have got to take inventory. But the modern business can easily use bar management software and simple programs to make life easier. There is no reason why you cannot conduct an inventory using a simple software package.

Are You Using Effective Marketing? 

A common oversight in business is, when it comes to marketing, we start serving up the same old stuff. When we market the same thing, it slowly becomes stale and doesn’t demand attention anymore. The vast majority of restaurant and bar marketing is a very stale endeavor. This is why you’ve got to cut through the noise. Many restaurants make it about themselves, rather than the customer. It’s so easy for customers to become desensitized to what’s going on around them. This is why you’ve got to engage with dialogues and exchanges. Communicating is rule number one to making an efficient and effective marketing campaign.

It is so important not to leave a bad taste in your customers’ mouths, which is why, when you are running a bar or restaurant, you must operate with the right attitude.

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