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How To Be Safe When Working From Home

How To Be Safe When Working From Home

It seems that with the digital age and technological advancements, more people are working remotely than ever. Although remote working has great benefits such as freedom and an improved work-life balance, it can cause safety issues due to hacking and lack of security. If you are working from home, here are some tips to increase your safety.

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Use the cloud

Using the cloud means accessing servers through the Internet. You can access any data or program that is on the cloud if you have the login. This allows employees to access their work programs remotely and work from anywhere. 

However, this can pose risks if you use vulnerable cloud management software. It is a good idea to establish a software escrow agreement for cloud management that will ensure that your business is at a reduced risk of your software being compromised. No matter if your employees are working in the office or at home, the cloud software and agreement will allow staff to be at a reduced risk when working from their laptop. 

Install two-factor authentication

Working from home can make you more vulnerable to hackers. If you have weak passwords or use low security broadband, it can be easy for your data to be compromised. Thus, installing a double lock password system can make it more difficult for hackers to intrude your data. 

Two-factor authentication simply means that you have to go through two barriers before accessing the data. One will be a password. The second will most likely be a code, which will be sent to another personal device. 

Be aware of phishing

Many hackers use phishing to compromise people’s laptops and data. Phishing is simply hackers asking for details through emails or phone calls. In some cases, the hackers disguise themselves well enough for you to believe they are a legitimate company. However, you should never hand over your details unless you are expecting the call or email. 

Some emails contain links, which make it even easier for hackers to invade your computer. Be aware of these too. Always check the email address before deciding whether to click the link. Or, send the email to your boss so that they can deal with it. 

Always use private networks

Using public wifi is an easy way to make yourself vulnerable. Whether you are at home or in a coffee shop, always make sure that the internet connection is private. 

Virtual private networks are handy as they can disguise your location and make you less attractive to hackers. They know it will be difficult to intrude. Thus, you will be safer when working from anywhere using a private network. 

Don’t cross over your personal and work emails

For those that have a work laptop, you should keep it separate from your personal accounts. Never cross over work with your personal life, as it could put either at risk. 

Avoid logging into accounts, such as emails, on your work laptop at all costs as it can cause viruses or reduce your personal safety. 

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