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Using SEO For Your Social Sites

Using SEO For Your Social Sites

According to Statista, Google was the market leader in the global desktop search engine market in September 2019 with a market share of 88.16 percent, measured in terms of page views. Mobile the number is probably even higher. Most SEO experts also specialize in Google. You can see note below. A large part of the target group is here, and this is where the most traffic can be obtained. But optimizing organic search is not just a topic for classic search engines. Searches on YouTube, Instagram or Amazon are often neglected by search marketers. Above all, there are great opportunities here to generate visibility in relevant target groups! Because search is a pull channel, meaning the person searching already has a need that can be served. Here are a few things that every search person should consider for YouTube and Instagram. These are the two most used platforms, therefore it is important to consider how to market these well. 

SEO for YouTube

How does YouTube SEO work? YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Almost 80 percent of Internet users visit YouTube at least once a week. Only it’s similar to classic search engines. Simply publishing content is not enough to be found by the target group. Either you advertise content, build a brand so that the content is targeted. Or you can optimize the content so that it is displayed in the search results under the first positions for the relevant search terms.

Benefits of YouTube SEO?

When content organically ranks well on YouTube, it has several advantages:

  • Connections between search marketing and content marketing bring more traffic, visibility and views.
  • A piece of independence from influencers is created and your own reach is built up.
  • Young target groups can be addressed more precisely and effectively.

SEO for Instagram

The optimization of the organic search is now also playing an increasingly important role on Instagram. With the special feature: There is no free text search like on YouTube. It searches for people (accounts), hashtags (#) or places. 63 percent of users log in daily in the USA. Around 200 million Instagram users visit a company’s profile every day. If a brand or a company wants to be visible on Instagram, it doesn’t just have to professionally maintain the corresponding account, launch campaigns and place high-quality/authentic images. Companies can also pay for reach on Instagram (influencers, ads) or are organically visible via optimization. Organic visibility on Instagram means two things:

  • Visibility within the community (subscribers).
  • Visibility outside the community – primarily with pictures, but also with the account or in the comments of other accounts.

Benefits of Instagram SEO

If you bring your Instagram content forward, you will benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Images on Instagram are not indexed by Google. That is why Instagram search is one of the few ways to specifically search and find images on Instagram.
  • Opportunity as a non-established brand to quickly fill topics (i.e. hashtags).
  • Reaching a very young and desirable target group.

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