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3 Lead Generation Tactics in Paid Media Marketing

3 Lead Generation Tactics in Paid Media Marketing

Millions of blogs offer conclusions on the best strategies for lead generation. But in our experience, lead generation is a dish best served simplified. You can optimize your strategy by keeping the three tactics in mind: 

•             Responding to feedback

•             Knowing your audience

•             Keeping your infrastructure relevant

Below we’ll take you through these fundamentals and how you can start implementing them in your paid media marketing strategy. 

1. Let Your Customers Speak For You

Before we had ad campaigns or branding consultants, we had word of mouth. If someone you trust tells you that a certain provider offers what you need, you’ll go to that provider. It’s the golden rule.

It’s also why we’re so obsessed with social media marketing. Positive customer reviews on social media not only broaden your audience but enable positive engagement on your part. And you should engage.

There’s also negative feedback. You’ll get it. You may not feel you deserve it, but it’ll show up. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

There are two options here:

•             Option 1 is to kamikaze the situation like a certain Italian restaurant. This scenario was funny and effective, but we don’t recommend you go this route for your business.

•             Option 2 is to respond politely to negative feedback and ask what you can do better. Dissatisfied customers want to complain, but they rarely think that you’ll respond to their cries. Showing them that you value their input often leads to useful engagements where reviewers moderate their tone and appreciate your customer care and concern.

2. Optimize Localization

Is your business location-specific? Do you market to certain areas or key demographics? If so, it’s time to get up-to-date with current events.

People respond well to a company’s awareness of its locale. You can place localized ads that attract people to your business in a certain area. These advertisements will show you’re invested in the area, which customers want to know above all else.

Base your content around location-based news reports or events. Research local color and discover how awareness of the culture of a specific place can help keep your business relevant.

3. Embrace the Mobile Age

We all know about the importance of web design and live in fear of the 15-second rule. Paid media marketing professionals need to stay up-to-date with the infrastructure behind their ads.

With so many folks browsing via mobile rather than on their computers, your infrastructure must be up-to-date and mobile-friendly. Think about the next thing someone will do if they like your web presence: they’ll tell a friend. They’ll tweet, they’ll text, they’ll send a link to a product on your site. It’s never going to happen if your site doesn’t load quickly for mobile devices. 

Refine Your Lead Generation Tactics Today

The customer comes first, second and third. Their feedback, their lives (and how you can help them), and their experience of your service are the standards you live and die by. Learn how to use paid media marketing to your advantage and watch your business flourish.

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