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How To Stop Forgetting Stuff And Get More Done

How To Stop Forgetting Stuff And Get More Done

When you run a business, you have to complete dozens of tasks everyday – sometimes hundreds. Consequently, things will often slip your mind.

Usually, it doesn’t matter. A colleague will gently remind you and you’ll get back on track. However, other times when it involves a big client, it can make a massive difference.

The trick is to develop systems that allow you to stop forgetting stuff and get more done. These largely automate the process, leaving your working memory free for other tasks. 

Write It Down On A To-Do List

Top executives and professionals make a habit of keeping to-do lists close to them at all times. The moment a task they need to complete comes into their head, they write it down. 

This approach is effective because it doesn’t require any special tools. You just keep a notepad next to your desk and fill it with tasks that you need to complete as they arise. 

Avoid Saying Yes So Much

You can also ask yourself whether you’re saying “yes” too often to people. Does your diary have to be as full as it is right now to meet the needs of your firm? Or could somebody else deal with the problem, freeing you up for other things?

Get Somebody To Remind You 

If you’re a forgetful person, you can also get the most conscientious person in the office to manage your schedule for you. This way, they can constantly come in and out, telling you what you need to do next, the calls you have to make and so on. 

This method is expensive, but it gets the job done. You’re outsourcing your scheduling, allowing you to focus on the tasks themselves. 

Set An Alarm

Another idea is to set an alarm with a text reminder. This way, you can get an alert direct to your phone that not only tells you that you need to act, but also what you need to do. This reminder method is particularly effective for people who feel overwhelmed with tasks that they need to complete. 

Do It Immediately

Sometimes, you can adopt an approach where you complete tasks immediately, instead of putting them off for later. Whether you can or not depends heavily on your workflow. However, you may find that you’re able to fire off certain tasks quickly, ticking them off your to-do list as you go along. 

To do this, though, you’ll need to be strict with yourself. Many executives focus on the tasks that they enjoy first and leave the ones that they don’t until later. If you can, avoid adopting that approach. It can sap your productivity. 

Put It On Your Calendar

If you keep a calendar, you can put your to-do list on there as well. Calendars are a good option because they allow you to plan your time more effectively. On the micro level, calendars tell you what you’re doing in the next couple of hours, and on the macro level, they tell you what you need to get done by the end of the month or year.

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