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Unique Smart Products for Business Networking

Unique Smart Products for Business Networking

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Advancements in technology make life easier. While some are to the detriment of others, like replacing workers with machines, some help boost business, and productivity. Smart products for business networking are the next advancement in modern business-to-business interaction, employee and client meetings, and remote consultation.

Business and Personal Identification

Since time immemorial and dating back to the late 17th century, business cards have been the simplest to provide contact and company information. Made even more popular during the boom of the 1980s, contact cards are a staple of modern business. Typically, a business card is a small printed card containing all the information required for successful networking. Of course, some are embellished a little with gloss or embossing. For example, Steve Wozniak’s are made from metal mesh. But a small revolution is taking place that will change networking.

Companies like Linq are changing the way networking at events is handled. Using items like a digital business card and a QR badge, connected hubs store a database of information that allows attendees and vendors alike to exchange information with each other. Following an exchange, you can view a client’s data via an app. The app contains a personal, professional profile, yet you can also provide attendees with videos and product brochures. And if you run the event, there’s also an analytics tool for tracking attendance, engagement, and sponsors.

Meetings and Scheduling

As a business owner or company manager, your life probably pretty much revolves around scheduling meetings. 8 am with this client, 11 am with the next, and lunch with another. And on it goes. According to recent data, middle management employees spend 35% of their time in meetings, and 67% of employees acknowledge that these sessions reduce productivity. But getting together and sitting around a table multiple times a day is a thing of the past. Smart apps can increase productivity by scheduling meetings remotely without taking time away from work. 

These include:

  • itsi
  • Google Meet
  • Zoom
  • Zoho Meeting
  • GoToMeeting
  • Livestorm
  • Cisco Webex
  • Uberconference

These are compatible with any modern smartphone, tablet, or PC, and most are interchangeable between devices. This means you can run a successful meeting from anywhere at any time, and they can do the same. In addition, these apps allow multiple parties to chime in and offer their assistance or input without having to travel or leave the office or their desk. A survey by Life Size found that 99% of those asked stated video conferencing offered better communication and collaboration over physical meetings.

Consultations with Coaching

Throughout the Coiv-19 pandemic, physical visitation was impossible due to lockdown restrictions. Families were kept apart. The elderly did not receive adequate care, and the virus all but canceled consultations. That was until people began to use video calling equipment. With specific devices, businesses could offer some services either live and remotely or by pre-recording videos. Gym and yoga classes are perfect examples. Yet, this also meant that business consultations and coaching could also resume.

Humans are nothing if not adaptable. That is what is meant by Darwin’s phrase, “survival of the fittest.” Throughout the pandemic, people used specific items such as an HD camera, microphones, and pressure and temperature sensors to deliver remote consultation and keep their businesses thriving. 

For example, suppose you are a medical equipment vendor and needed to demonstrate to a client. In that case, you would:

  1. Send your devices.
  2. Ask a client to set them up.
  3. Schedule a meeting with Zoom or Skype.  
  4. Demonstrate how your appliances work. 

Remote medical devices such as blood pressure monitors and temperature sensors are now being deployed to chronic patients worldwide. A godsend to the medical staff since

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