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How To Select Product Packaging

How To Select Product Packaging

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Packaging is an important part of any business, and for some companies, it can be the most expensive item on their budget. Selecting the right packaging for your company is crucial to both generating sales and protecting your product. 

Here are some factors you should consider before making up your mind about which type of packaging will work best for you.

The Importance of Packaging

Packaging is used for materials you don’t want to touch with your hands or items you want to keep in their original shape. Packaging provides protection from damage, dirt, UV light, and corrosion.

Packaging is used to contain, protect or ship goods that are fragile, bulky, or perishable such as food items, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and consumer electronics. Packaging may also be used to prevent moisture and many other things that would degrade your product.

Things to Consider When Selecting Packaging

Early in the life of a product, its packaging may need to provide more protection than it does later on in the life of that product. The type of packaging also needs to be considered in order to protect the environment in which the package will be disposed. 

A few important considerations when choosing packaging are, how it looks, what type of storage space is available, cost, ease of assembly, regulations about packaging, and whether the package can be recycled.

Types of Packaging Available

There are a few different types of packaging available for your business. The type of packaging you choose will depend on your product and its sensitivity to damage.

For example, some products might need a little extra protection from the environment because they are sensitive to air or water vapor. Some items, such as food, can spoil without proper packaging. For these products, a vacuum seal is the best option for protecting your product from moisture and oxygen. 

Other products, would be better suited to a  custom mylar packaging. You may find that other products such as appliances are more suitable for a secure box. This will keep the product from absorbing moisture and contaminants in the air that can cause damage like corrosion and rusting.

For items that might come in contact with children, you should choose packaging made of child-resistant materials. These materials were created to ensure that a child would not be able to open the package without help from an adult.

Consider Your Needs and Your Customer’s Needs

There are a few factors that you need to consider when looking at the packaging process. First, think about your business and your customer base. What is the demographic of your target audience? Are they environmentally conscious or not? This will help you decide what type of materials to use in your packaging such as biodegradable or recyclable options

 Second, think about where you’ll receive orders from. Will orders come internationally or domestically? The size and weight of packages may also affect this decision. Finally, keep in mind the contents of your product that could be sensitive to light or temperature extremes. These factors should help you determine which type of packaging is right for your business.

Consider Shipping Weight

Some other aspects to consider are how easy or hard the packaging is to ship. If it’s too heavy, then the shipping will be more expensive. Also, if it’s bulky there could be higher costs as well. Figuring out your business needs and considering what would work best for you will help you make a good decision.

For example, if you are using a material that increases the weight of your product or creates an additional size then this may require larger shipping containers which will lead to higher rates. On the other hand, if your package is lighter than usual it might not cost as much to ship. 

This factor should also be considered when choosing between different types of packaging.

Make the Right Choice

A lot to consider when deciding on the type of packaging that you need for your product. In order to make the right choice, you need to carefully look at your product find your company’s budget. 

While you do want to keep shipping costs as low as possible the last thing you want to do is select packaging that will not protect your product. You also want to consider your consumers and their mindset about packaging, many people prefer to buy from companies that use recyclable material for their packaging. This is because of the growing concerns about the environment.

Whichever packaging you choose make sure that it protects the product so that it gets to the consumer in tact.

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