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3 Cleaning Tips to Ensure a Safe Work Environment

3 Cleaning Tips to Ensure a Safe Work Environment

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If you think spring is the only good time of the year to do a deep clean then you’d be absolutely wrong. While most people and businesses believe that spring cleaning is the best time to do a thorough deep clean and organize, it’s something that should be done more regularly. Regular deep cleanings not only eliminate all that dust and grime but also help in creating a healthy and safe work environment.

 Regular deep cleanings are needed as this is going to help ensure that there isn’t any mold or other bacteria lingering in the workspace. Having a clean workspace is also going to help prevent injuries and even improve productivity levels too.  We as humans thrive in a clean and organized environment. They help make us feel better physically and mentally. If you’re wanting to get into the habit of doing regular deep cleanings for your business then continue reading on for some helpful tips.

Deep clean the floors

Even if your team is sweeping and mopping the floors each day or week, a deep clean will still be needed. It’s true that clean floors are the key to preventing any major slips or falls but it’s important to take your cleaning a bit further. Look into getting floor sweepers and also be open to floor sweeper repair service whenever the machine isn’t working. If you have carpets or rugs within your workspace, you should also look into getting a deep clean for those as well such as shampooing the carpet to remove stains.

Remove any potential fire hazards

If you’re wanting to keep your business safe and secure then it all starts with physical safety. Clutter can be a major risk to your business, yourself, and your employees as well. Clutter can increase the risk of injuries, make the work environment too chaotic, cramped, and unsafe in general. So this is going to pose a major fire hazard.

Stockpiles of boxes or even too much furniture crammed into small spaces can significantly increase the risk of danger for everyone in the space. Make sure to clean spaces by the doors, especially emergency exits, and don’t forget to keep an eye on your materials as there is the risk of something being flammable. You will also want to keep your cables sorted with something like a Cabli Instrument Cable Organizer so you don’t trip over them if you need to get out in a hurry. Tangled wires can also overheat and cause a potential fire hazard.

Create a cleaning schedule

If you already don’t have a set cleaning schedule, it’s best to begin making one. You should have two types of cleaning schedules, one for your standard cleaning ( the type that should be done almost every day) and you should also create a deep clean routine. The deep clean schedule can be something that’s set up once a month or even once every couple of months. This should also include methods for recycling when it’s time to throw out the trash.

It’s best to develop this to help leave everything in the office be smooth and orderly. It would also help to create a schedule for inspections as well such as the maintenance for machinery. You’ll also want to make sure that all employees will adhere to this schedule and have certain tasks assigned out to employees to confirm they’re doing it. 

3 Cleaning Tips to Ensure a Safe Work Environment

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