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The Importance of Being Calm When Pursuing a Big Life

The Importance of Being Calm When Pursuing a Big Life

Have you ever found yourself feeling as though life just wasn’t exciting, energetic, and “big” enough at the moment to meet your hopes, desires, and expectations?

Everyday life naturally comes with plenty of stress, and in many cases, difficult decisions to make as well. Between situations like having to look into how to resolve the ownership of pets in a divorce, to dealing with interpersonal personal dramas, life can all too easily end up feeling inherently stressful and exhausting.

Here, though, are some reasons why it’s very important to strive to be calm when pursuing a “big life.”

Calm allows for deep focus and effective work

First things first: being calm allows for focus and effective work in a way that a state of stress simply doesn’t allow for.

When the subject has been investigated by researchers, it has been found consistently that individuals who are in stressed states are not able to enter into deeper levels of focus for prolonged periods of time, and are also likely to be less effective at a range of different tasks, due to the fact that they are prone to being highly distractible and agitated.

Whatever it is you might want to achieve in life, it’s always going to be necessary to put your best foot forward, and to put in your best work in order to achieve it – and this is one area where calm can be especially helpful.

Keeping calm means better decision making and more willpower

Stress directly contributes to undermining willpower and making people more negative and reactive – and anyone who’s ever had personal dealings with a highly stressed out person will probably have noticed that highly stressed out people also tend to be less reasonable, insightful, and balanced.

In order to achieve a big life – one that contains plenty of excitement, meaning, and purpose – It will be necessary to exercise a good degree of willpower from time to time, and it will also be extremely important to develop your sense of insight, and to be able to follow the path of what feels most meaningful to you in life.

If your insight is massively undermined, you will likely make shortsighted decisions, and will fail to capitalise on the kinds of opportunities that lead to a life of thriving. In fact, there’s a good chance you won’t even notice those opportunities when they arise.

Staying calm allows you to more fully savour the present moment

Living a “big life” has a lot to do with experiencing a sense of magic, energy, and significance in each moment of everyday life.

In order to do this, you need to be able to actually be present in your life, and to savour the experiences that you are encountering on a day-to-day basis.

The calmer you are, generally speaking, the better able you will be to be present in your own life in this way, and to savour it and experience a deeper sense of meaning.

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