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Make Sure Your Out-Of-The-Box Website Doesn’t Fall Out Of Favor

Make Sure Your Out-Of-The-Box Website Doesn’t Fall Out Of Favor

Experts predict that there are currently around 1.8 billion websites in the world and, as eCommerce continues to grow in popularity and demand, many of them belong to businesses looking to make their mark. Designing a website that stands apart from the crowd is therefore the only way to ensure that consumers look at you rather than at everything going on around you.

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Unfortunately, taking even one wrong step when you’re trying to do things differently can lead to attention of the wrong kind which, in extreme cases, can see you falling out of online favor before your efforts here have truly landed. That’s something you need to avoid by considering the following ways to make sure that your out-of-the-box website lands in the right places every time. 

# 1 – Know the rules so that you can break them

While strict website templates are hardly going to win you the Oscar for top online performance, you do need to know what goes into a good website before you can create a great unique one. After all, certain rules like the use of images, clear page navigation, etc. should all feature in even a funky website layout to maintain a decent SEO standing and usable interface. As such, it’s vital to either do your own market research or turn to professionals like those found at the Episerver Agency, Guidance, to ensure that you know everything there is to know about basic website infrastructure. From there, you’ll be in a far better position to more effectively bend those rules without negative consequences. 

# 2 – Consider new takes on existing ideas

Entirely unique website ideas can be great for setting you apart, but an idea that’s too fresh also leaves you at risk of significant losses if it doesn’t land well. Instead, you’re typically best off considering new takes on tried and tested ideas that you know you can trust. After all, there are no new ideas, and as long as your implementation is unique, successful existing website additions like digital changing rooms or online games can still prove incredibly effective for setting your site apart as one worth watching.

# 3 – Know what your competitors are doing

To some extent, understanding the rules of websites done well as mentioned is going to help you understand what’s going on elsewhere, but you especially need to take the time to understand the state of your specific field online when it comes to creating a website. Keeping a close eye on the online activity of your competitors will prove especially invaluable, providing you first-hand insight into industry focuses, trends, and more. All you need to do is take that information and use it to create a website addition that no one else’s offerings even come close to touching.

Standing apart from the crowd is always risky, but it’s also the only way to make your website pop right now. Simply make sure your website receives attention for the right reasons by keeping these tips in mind. 

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